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RownaSeria is a young person (by some standards) who works as a school portrait photographer, draws and writes for amusement, and dreams of being a famous actress--though she's better at singing than acting and her professors in college considered her primarily a costume designer.
So, the captain looks like every other captain in movies and such (except Master and Commander, because, in all honesty, Jack Aubrey could never be played by the typical captain type). You can watch a ton of movies, and all the actors look different enough, but if you try to draw them, THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME.
Happy New Year!
There are somethings I am happy with, and others I am not. I'm still debating the best way to go about shading. It doesn't work very well in the first panel, but I really like the top right panel, so hey, what can I do but experiment? Also, the marine's uniform nearly drove me batty, probably because I worried too much about it.

(I'm also trying something new with the image source, so we'll see how that works out.)

So, how many awkward silences have passed in the comic so far? Haha.
What do you know...
Did you think I was never coming back? Well, I'm at least a little bit more stubborn. Believe it or not, it was the door and the marine uniform that held me up the longest... I finally had to give in and used a google image search, which was a good reminder that a plain old search is usually the quickest, oops!
I'm a bit out of practice, but I really enjoyed the shadowy panels.
A Page!
So, several crazy weeks later, there's an update.
I also found a whole bunch of new resources.

About my week... All I'm going to say is: wedding, cousins, and (literally) bloody cat pee.
Thoughts on the shading? It would make the dark interior scenes easier and the ocean also.

That was a lot of ropes, and there's probably more I missed. In the future the stays (the big, dark ropes in the back)will probably just be black. They are covered in tar, after all. As for the lines (the light ropes), in the future I'll probably make them hollow or detailed depending on the panel.

Silly me, doing script by hand without guide lines....
This is the first and last set of lady breasts we'll be seeing for a while, enjoy them while you can!

On a different note... everyone knows the next day doesn't really start until high noon... right?

Wow, this is the end of the prologue. That was a lot of scene setting! More than I've ever done before. I hope it worked :)
I didn't mean to miss a week. But time got away from me (and I felt crappy, migraine and all, on Monday). It was the last week I was working for the spring season, so we had to tie all this stuff up for the end. Bah. Excuses are useless. Please forgive me.

Any way, the prologue is almost over! One more page and a cover until we start the story proper. The schedule might be different for the summer though, because I may be spending a lot of time with my dad on the boat, away from a scanner, and often the internet.

[edit]My friend pointed out I can backlog pages and have them programed to come out on the day. If I can get ahead I'll do that.
Just various sizes of the Micron fine line pens. I actually got the first set from my younger brother's abandoned architecture kit, then I was hooked.
I just barely finished this on time because I was lazy about printing off my reference and procrastinated D:

But I was a good girl and finished. The background and rowing were daunting prospects, but I need to remind myself that trying new things and challenging myself is a good thing.

I would also like to add I have now beat my previous record for past attempts at comics! That's exciting.
For some reason, after I finished drawing, the drunk guy (Davies) reminded me of Robin Williams. O_o

That, and every ship needs a guy named Davies, it's practically required.
Too tippy heads make everything more interesting.... but are very bad in traditional portraits. In any case, I like to imagine this page has a few subtle traits ;)
Ah, yes. Admiration happens to all I think.

(It's me, it's me! ... am I allowed to say that?)
Just wanted to say, sometimes I come back to look a this one. It makes me happy :)
Oo! Oo! I could guess! (but, that would be cheating as I already know the answer :( )
This one's too cute.
I drew most of the top while sleep deprived. They bottom... well, that's just something else, and it makes me happy.
I like the timing of this one. It works well as one page-- Plus netbook is too cute!
I had fun
Giving the inn guy bad teeth was amusing. Also, while inking "buts" it turned out looking more like butts. Ah ha, they joys of unaltered artwork. I can't really use whiteout on the paper because of it's color, so you get to enjoy all my little mistakes :) Plus I've resolved not to fix things up in my paint program, even though I can, for the purpose of learning.