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Either another metapod, some bug pokemon (butterfree?) or he is going to say Atticus forgot his victory money, which will lead Atticus on his quest to become filthy rich.
maybe a archie crossover. Someday... Someday
It was the psyduck on the front cover.
@acroscourge, Eggman could take his egg machines(ex. Egg emperor, death egg) and bowser has lots of numbers.
Off Topic
Sonic should win. I mean, look at Mario's pose in the banner, it made me laugh.
He won
Dragonthing was the one that hit, as indicated by the claw marks, so if one of them falls, its probably Merric
Im so glad that most people are voting for sonic
ash died 8 years after his adventure?
My guess is that he will lose, Khan will leave, and the rest of the comic is about Atty chasing him down and being forced to be a pokemon master
Mario runs around pwning people and runs out right before he gets Sonic and Mega
maybe using Two become one would have been better
doesnt it bother anyone that Mickey goes around killing people(great comic though
glad they didnt bring luigi
I think you should go back to the sprites with Oblivion and Oathkeeper. Just a suggestion. Otherwise, it is really good
these are really good comics
good luck heroes... and annoying plumber
title says it all
It looks almost like Sonic is going to go super. Maybe changing worlds restored the chaos emeralds? just a hunch
playing safe
Sonic is playing it safe. Getting a surprise attack on Mario is the best option. Then he will dispose of Megaman quickly. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA
P.S: How did Sonic not get to the hammer ability faster then Mario?
Sonic needs something, like an invincibility television
What if sonic got it? he's closer and faster