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Um... My name is not really Rage Majica. Only my friends know me by my real name. I am a yaoi fan girl and I draw some times. I am no where near as good as many people that I know. When I don't think something looks right, I just quit drawing it. Um... I role play. I enjoy it a lot. I have been told that I should write yaoi love stories and mangas, but I really do not think I am that good at writing. I come up with random ideas from pictures I see. It's not really a special quality, I don't think. Um, I have a low self esteem, if you haven't noticed by reading this. I am currently enrolled in college.
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I would like to see this done. Please do remake this comic. ^^
Cannot wait for this to come back. ^^ Glad to know it was not another comic I watch that just vanished for good.
:( Picture link broken. I cannot see the page at all. T.T
That is just... so freaking adorable.
I love Cain! He is so cute.
Dear me, that second panel looks so familiar. >.< That is how I see things without my contacts in. Love Tommy with glasses!
Love the last panel~~
Hidukul seems to be having a little trouble getting into the plane in the first panel.
The second panel made me laugh. I love Hidukul's jump for joy while running. At least, that is what it looks like to me. lol.
I knew it! I knew Horus was getting ready to fight. Yay for violence!
It looks like Horus is getting ready for a fight.
Absolutely love the last panel. XD
Love the comic. Glad that I found it. Hope to see an update soon.
Why is Tommy wearing a bandanna and hoddie? Is he going to rob a bank to pay for Dake's hospital bills?
So wish I could donate, but right now, I have no money. >.< I don't get paid until the 23rd. D:
Cliffhanger!!!! You are like the master of cliffhangers. >.<
Everyone should definitely commission! I did and I got great art. :3 So lovely. *points to avatar*
I've always called him Dake. >.< Even though I always want to say Drake, I always type Dake. XD
O.O Such a cliffhanger, though glad you love us enough to post an early page. :D That makes me happy. We love you too! Well, I guess I could say that I love you. >.> Not sure how many other people do. Anyway.... Yeah. Great page. Great suspense as well. Cannot wait until the next update.
First thing I thought when I saw that was OUCH!!!! I can only imagine what Dake is feeling. >.< That has to hurt.