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I love comics.
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    Neil R King
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@DavidPaul: we can only dream.
March 30th, 2015
i think it's interesting what you are doing with your color palette. it balances all of the panels. mondrian-like. go further with it! well done!
some of my closest friends are Super.
can't touch him.
they were meant for each other!
everything looks great! lots of contrast and you're really controlling your hatching and textures. well done!
biffboff- thanks! as we all know, there is no money in comics. but the printed form has always been the purest for me. i love the immediate reaction when i post pages online but to see it in print, well, there's nothing like it for me. thanks for watching!
Thanks for reading Kill Me or Die!
I have taken down the last two chapters of KMOD from
smackjeeves so that you can enjoy the entire morbid tale in print!

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Thanks so much for all of the support!
hey! these pages look great! everything's super tight! i'm not seeing a lot of comments, but your work is very professional. keep going!
meticulous work. i always look for your updates.
so this is a really bright comic. so much tight detail. great texture and contrast. really controlled. a little maryjane satrapi. a little jessica abel. some jamie hernandez. i'm interested!
@XMinusOne: hey! no, there is a finish to the story! just go to (look up abby in hell) and get your copy! the full graphic novel is printed there. support the independent comic revolution! thanks for reading!
i hope she doesn't wear a pill box hat.
breaking bad!
enough is enough is enough!
what a crisp style! kind of carmine infantino and romita and J. Scott Campbell all in one! i like the use of the large zipatone in the backgrounds too!
i really think she's starting to change her mind about the corpse.
help me i think i'm falling...
i'm feeling emotional.
nice page! the top right panel head shot is really great! lots of sparkle.