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OMG, 16 pages and no comments?!?! WTF!!

I love your art, your coloring style, your photoshopping skills, your storyline... it all rocks!

Miss Ruby's hot too. ^_^
lol, its funny how whenever I have a page with Reid, people comment ^.^ He's such a stud.
They're evil. As for Serge (the girl) her motives are questionable. She's neither good nor bad. She just works for her own gain. ...I guess that'd be more bad then. So I guess she's bad. ^.^;; I confuse myself...
Lol, Just experimenting with color here. It sucks, and I love the look, but I just don't want to color every single page I draw. X_x It's bad enough drawing the lineart and getting it posted on time, lol. Anyone who wants to help out and color the pages for fun could though. ^-^
Lol, no, its a photoshopped screencap of Nami's house in the sims 2. ^.^ *blushy*
Yaay :) Thankies! :D
October 17th, 2006
OMG our handwriting hecka looks alike!! O.O
yay, new fan!
*cheer cheer* *hug hug*
LAWL, My Favorite page Ever!
Ahh, this one was the funnest to make. I remember how giggly I was when I sketched this way back in Summer of '05... ^.^ Good times, drawing this in summer school.
"I-I think he's broken."
"No, not broken. Just a magikarp, that's all."

LMAO. I love that.
zomg, link and zubats! Yay!!!