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I like stuff. random stuff. funny stuff. the internet.
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New banner image! It's been a long time since I updated it.
Holy Hell it's been a while
Hey guys, I disappeared for a really long time, but I'm back for a moment to post an update, as I think it's safe to do it now since I'm probably not going to be submitting it to any more festivals.

I finished my grad film, which is basically just a "What if" mini story about A trying to get a vacation. It doesn't really slot into the regular comic so well, but it also sums up the gist of a lot of the pre-magical girl nonsense.

You can watch it here:

Life update: I got a job that starts right at the beginning of January which MIGHT be an issue with me trying to continue the comic in the near future, but I still would really like to see it finished. In the meantime, you can follow my Art Tumblr ( if you'd like to see the results of my Huevember crusade or a slew of D&D doodles, which is how I've been keeping myself moderately sane. There's a few Hatshop themed huevembers in there too, if anyone is curious.

Here's to hoping I'll be able to get approval to keep working on this and actually manage to focus on something other than my sanity sustaining death grip on D&D.

-- Verd
Unlike last time, I make exactly 0 promises about not being on hiatus. On the other hand, I'm on my way to finishing my major, and I ended up going with the hatshop short idea, so at some point this comic will have a ~4 min short film attached to it. Granted, the film is really just Mr. A trying to get a vacation, and doesn't follow the comic's canon at all, but it's fairly amusing nonetheless.

I've uploaded some select test renders and images from the project on the old tumblr blog if anyone is curious: he-film-so-far-o

Finally, I do apologise for the extended hiatus. While, as I said earlier, I can't promise much (I really need to graduate already), I don't like leaving the comic alone for so long, and I'm sorry for the unexpected delay :C
Hey guys! I know I've been a bit quiet lately (sorry for the lack of updates!) but I've been panic modelling trying to get stuff ready for school. Hopefully I should be able to start updating again soon!

Meanwhile, take this
hee hee haw haw it's 4 am but I'm back we're back ho yeah baby
Hi guys! Unfortunately, this is going to be on hold a bit longer due to school reasons (They want us to make a third year film, oh dear). It's a bit late, but I realized that this comic passed into it's 6th year roughly a week ago, and I thought I should at least make some acknowledgement of it! I had been making these models as practice so I figured, why not?

This is essentially a re-creation of the very first extra ( It's sure come a long way since then!

I have every intention of finishing this comic, but unfortunately currently suffer from severe lack of time. Once this semester ends I should (hopefully) be able to resume posting for the summer though, so stay tuned for then!

Thanks to everyone who's stuck with me over the years - and to new readers too! I realize this is just a weird little comic on a weird little site, but I really do enjoy making it.

Here's to more Hatshop! See you soon!
Things are starting to get more hectic again as school approaches. I'd like to get this story thread done before the term starts, but that'll probably be impossible. I'll try to keep updating as long as I can, but if updates cease for a while it's due to school. I will definitely be back in December though, so look forward to more then!

Thanks for sticking with me this long, guys! Here's to more Hat Shop!

See a larger version on my art tumblr here: y-sketchbooks
Sorry for the delay! I'm taking summer courses and the midterm period just rolled around. One is actually a comic class, so once it's finished I'll try to put it up!

I'll try to get some things coloured soon, hopefully I'll be able to get the updates back in line soon but if long periods like this happen again it's because of school :C
@Koren: Unfortunately this one makes more sense with colour. I will try to get the coloured version up as soon as possible
Sorry for the delay! A con snuck up on me and I got busy, but it's over now so I can resume normal posting (and hopefully get some things coloured!)
I survived, we are back in business
Update Update (?)
Just here to say that I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently, I am currently swamped with university and don't have a ton of free time. I should be done in roughly 2 weeks, and hopefully then I can get the schedule back on track for the summer!

Today's extra is a sketch from my notebook that I re-lined. Hope it counts for something! We haven't seen these two in a while now, but we should get back to that after this plot thread wraps up.

See you in a few weeks!
School's started up again

If I stop updating I am buried up to my neck in animation homework
I've been in a bit of an emotional rut the past week or so and haven't been able to do much but I'll try to get myself back on track
Drat, drew this a couple days ago and forgot to post it again.

Hate it when I do that, sorry about the delay.
Times I have drawn a comic and forgotten to post it: 23
The finished version of the animation:
Lore Clarification
I should probably make it clear that the only way for a god to die is for them to cease to exist, and they have to chose this, it can't just be forced upon them (They can be severely incapacitated to the point where they are practically dead but they will reform their bodies given enough time). Killing a god involves shattering their soul, and since they are 99% soul shattering them leaves them pretty much non existent.
Mature, responsible adults.
Goddamit I had this sitting here for a day and forgot to post it