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=D i like chicken, doodling and SLEEP!!! something about being a student just makes sleep such a far-fetched dream...T^T

my comic is done traditionally, except the text, and respect to those that can do theirs digitally because i just fail at everything computerized...
end of ch.1. Will take a bit o' time for ch. 2 to be uploaded. Need to work on it over the summer. hope you enjoyed ch. 1 =)
@snowblinded: woot! danke =)
@snowblinded: ha! duly noted
@snowblinded: yeah, i never saw that movie..... X< oops?
April 29th, 2013
new font/bubble
re uploaded with new font
this is not mine. this is a print done by Albrecht Durer
how do i fav this thing??? O_O so lost... lovely comics btws.....=D
i've always wanted to do that but never could!!!!!!!!!! it was only when i was actually making an effort to play the game, did my characters spontaneously combust while dancing around a flaming tree, only to have the grim reaper end up living in their home.........
O_O dear god, if she took that much time building that ramp, then i must say that all hope is lost...:P i kid, i kid...or am i

on another note, those shoes are ridiculously AMAZING! bet that took as long as her building that ramp ;)
theodore!! i was half-expecting him to be fully standing with arms crossed over his if he were sleeping in a coffin...that was just upright instead of being horizontal XD teehee!!
i like the crows. they make for a pretty panel =)

the good thing about the scratch marks on th furniture though, is that its not his...kind of like a rental car. who cares if it gets scratched as long as it wasn't yours =P
yeah, don't go near them, or you might DIE!!! no matter what drake, don't got towards the white light!!!!!!!! O_O
yay! new chapter! can't wait for it!!!! =D i've missed you Joan and Teddy!
dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is so ADORABLE!!!!!! XD
oh joan O_O i totally forgot about you...and layoff on drake!! he had no choice! harrumph =(
oh snap!!!!! poor guy, he just has terrible luck/ damn and i was rooting for him, what shippage shall i root for now? XP
le noes!
not the end already!!!!!!!!! it was awesome-ness!!!!!!!!! =D
little dude!!!! huzzah! =D im so proud f you man!!!!!!
but, it won't be a true bleach battle without all that incessant talking disrupts battles. :P
XD and that's how spiky his hair can get ichigo. =D