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Of course not, unlike the judicial system, the church has never confused any issues of right and wrong...

... okay, that was in poor taste.
@artificer urza: Either that or she just feels a need to start kicking down doors without any forethought.
So it's like the lycanthrope aversion to silver. If she ever wanted to wear a necklace it would have to be gold or platinum. Good to know.
Looks like our favorite vampire is still not used to drinking blood... if that is indeed what he gave her.
I just thought about something... doesn't lascivious mean "lustful" or "lewd"? Why does the bishop have a name so close to that? or was that intentional?
@artificer urza: Oooh! Ominous.
So he is, in essence, a Ghoul from Vampire: the Masquerade?

As long as he imbibes blood from a vampire, he remains healthy, doesn't age, and can remain alive for hundreds if not thousands of years?

Seems legit.
@artificer urza: I was sorry because it felt too much like something the Catholic church would do... and if that was the intent, then great job!
I'm sorry to say, but the smile on his face doesn't say "I'm going to destroy a monster..." it instead makes me think "Now how am I going to play with my new little toy..." while her look is more of a "Touch me and I'll bite you, creep!"
@artificer urza: I know just what you mean. You still need money for shelter, food, clothing, all of the necessities just so that you can create.
That's the thing... if you're a writer, a creator of worlds, then you are a god. Each time I start writing about a world, I let the character's motivations, their personality and mentality take over even if it clashes with my own beliefs. To me, the characters become their own person, a being with thoughts feelings and desires beyond what I want, and sometimes what I thought would be a natural conclusion turns out to be something that character wouldn't do, and have to change the story.

I create worlds, solar systems, galaxies, universes, and yet I don't hold sway over the characters/creatures within simply because I was only there to make the setting. It is for them wander through and make their decisions on the hurdles I place in their way. That is the way a writer creates engaging stories. Kind of like what I have seen from you.
I'd love to read it.
Not much
Brother got married, sister got married, I managed to get back together with my wife, my daughter had a birthday, same brother died, went to his wake, I'm about to move, and my mother just got back from taking care of my other sister's animals... oh and something about a supreme court decision that has nothing to do with me so I didn't really pay attention to that. *shrugs* So yeah... not much.
I get this strange, yet satisfying, feeling like a priest is about to get the ax from this particular storyline.
Wait! What... What happened?!
Why is Jinny back to her original form? How did she..?
*flop, twitch, twitch*
Yeah, not going to lie, but medieval and renaissance medicine wasn't exactly the best for the body at the time.

Still, better than having an HMO...

Actually, Myung, I was thinking the same thing, that perhaps with Jenny's unusual maturing of the body through magic her body could be suffering from something that women go through each month... yet it's more physically detrimental due to a combination of her preternatural state, and her supernatural modification.
Why is it that on the first two panels, I imagined the sound from "Metal Gear: Solid" when you're being found out by a guard?
Oh, and Yeshka + tentacle monster... all we're missing is an anime school girl uniform, and Rath to snap pictures.
Good points... (warning: this will be looooooong)
Having read all of the comments, I see a lot of people getting down on Lauren for a lot of what happened, and even a few bashing Sam while the pair attempts to reconcile about everything that has transpired. Having reread each of the chapters, I agree that nobody in the entire storyline has been entirely honest, or wholly at fault.

Each of the characters have done their best to drag out the drama (to the best of their ability) where it concerned Rick, and right now they're making excuses for their actions. My hope is that, like Sam has done with Rick, they accept the responsibility for the problems in their relationship, and work through them, or just break it off and start over as friends once more.

Yes, there has been a lot of stress on Sam and very little communication between the pair ever since Rick first came on scene, but that's not the issue. Like Lauren has said, it's all about "Trust". A lot of people (mostly men) think that if you're with someone that they are yours, heart, mind, body, and soul, and the idea that another member of the opposite sex taking an interest in them drives the person nuts, because that person automatically want their significant other in bed. Christo was right in that respect as far as thought processes, and yet he was also wrong for putting Lauren in the same class as most of the women that he might have known.

I saw that all the time in the military, and it was the most annoying garbage I had to listen to during my time in service.

At first, I didn't like Rick simply because I felt that if he couldn't acknowledge Sam (even with a "Hi, Sam") after finding Lauren all those times, then I figured that he was up to no good. It's just a respect thing that I've tried to show others, regardless of how I might have felt about them.

Mostly, my problem wasn't about Sam hitting Rick, or Lauren hitting Sam. What I was having trouble with was that Sam tried to take out his frustrations physically on another person. In that respect, he was wrong, but it was also compounded by Lauren slapping him across the face.

I'm going to level with all of you.

Having been hit several times by females, I, for one, can tell you that getting slapped hurts more psychologically than physically. It's more of a wake-up call and yet I detest the double-standard for violence between couples. This is my own personal belief; If you're significant other is hitting you, do NOT let it continue. If you do, then you're letting them know that it is acceptable behavior. Striking people you love is not acceptable, for ANY reason.

Now that I'm off of my soap box.

Right now, Sam is doing the proper thing, he's letting Lauren get all of her anger, her frustration, and her disappointment out, while taking a passive role. Oh, and those eyes, they're not angry, they're hurt, and that is what's making her angry. In all respect to the characters, I don't blame her for feeling everything she's feeling. Sam was in the wrong, but he wasn't the only one, and during their conversation Lauren will have to accept some of the responsibility for her actions as well.

Well, I'm going to stop my rant, and just say this about "Pictures of You": Gibson Twist you have not only created a compelling storyline that engages everyone in caring about the characters, but also causing them to debate and talk for hours about the story you're spinning for our amusement and entertainment. My hat is off to you, and I only hope that we keep seeing more of these (already complex) characters developing further.
April 10th, 2013
It's the cannon... people love women with cannons.
Just look at Seras from Helsing.
They're just showing their displeasure at the guy helping to get Sam kicked out. Personally, I think it's funny as hell!