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I just realised this is the first game I haven't drawn a single comic in ;.;

The next game I'll be more active DX At least rp (I know I keep saying that and never keep true to it, but I will this time)
OOC: No worries xD I was not active. At all. So that didn't help you guys xD
Seriously? You find me suspicious because of the ghosts?
Poor Keeper :C
hmm... I wonder if sending Spark after this guy would only recharge him or overpower him.. >o>

Meh, GO, AQUA! Rust him with your tears! >:O


OOC: Sorry for lack of... activeness? I've been busy with a school play, I have to practice playing the flute for school, but I have a book report to finish x.x;; I'll still try being more active tho xD

Edit: Is Deth even a robot? o.o if no then disregard this xD Except the OOC thing :V
OOC: It's Esprit, not Espirit, by the way :P
I lol'd at the spirits, and the lizard losing a tail xD
To Maverick: "Alright, I'll keep it with me while the spirits will attack!"

As I said so, Shade, Spark, and Aqua began taking turns attacking Kelper with blasts of their elements.

Edit: Pyro was attacking him as well >o>
As Pyro was distracting Kelper, I ran for the gun. As I was hlding onto it, i looked at it, not sure what to do with it.
While Maverick attacks Esprit sends Pyro to attack Kelper.
@KreeTheBasilisk: oh.. is there even a difference? XD

Edit: Oh! I didn't mean to put atomic, I meant nuclear.


I'm not even 100% sure there's a difference though >o>
The red lizard stealing the atomic waste seems familiar >o>

Cool page, though :D

Also, I like how you drew the spirits :D

Edit: oh! It's Kelper, right? :D
@KreeTheBasilisk: I shall make a quick reference now >o>


Like I said, quick xP
@Twentydragon: @KreeTheBasilisk: I lol'd at both of these comments xD

@Lite Side o' d Force: Thanks! ^^
Hmm... haven`t thought of that o.o Let`s just say that he helped the spirits somehow >o> And they are helping him back <o<
This is Esprit.
Real Name: Todd Sachar
Alias: Esprit ('S'-pree, rhymes with see or wii)
Age: 16
Height: 7 foot 4 inches
Weight: 143 lbs.


When he was running away from bullies at his school, he ran into a forest, where he found a dark cave. He ran into it to hide from the bullies. Once inside he saw lights of many colours dancing from afar. There was yellow, red, blue and purple.

Once he went deeper into the cave, he found out that these colourfull lights were actually four spirits with completely different personalities.

Spark (top-left one): An extremely happy-go-lucky and excitable thunder spirit.

Pyro (top-right): An enraged hot-head of a fire spirit.

Aqua (lower-left): A pessimistic "emo" who is also a water spirit.

Shade (lower-right): A scaredy cat, who uses darkness, even if he's afraid of the dar. :P

Weakness: He's good with ranged attacks using these spirits. But he is not good with close-ranged combat. Even if he is currently taking classes in karate, he's still in white-belt tho :P

Personnality: He always thinks for others over himself, and would put his life on the line for his loved ones. He is somewhat cowardly at times, but does what he can anyway. (Tell me if you need more info xD)


And feel free to ask questions! ^^

Edit: Sorry for bad quality pic xD
I will be able to post my character tomorrow, if that's not too late. Sorry, but I've been so busy recently >o>"

Edit: Also, the reason I'm not posting it now is cause I have no PC access right now >o> (I'm on cell's browser)
So in the end can I post my character? o.o
Sorry, in the end I have plans today, so wont be able to draw him today either.. I /could/ draw him tonight and post it tomorrow tho, too bad the deadline is today >.<"
Well, I'll draw him on paper tonight, I'll post him I guess, but I can't garentee that I'll be active much >.>;