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I write a Sailor Moon fanfic.

In The Neo Silver Millenium, Queen Serenity is loved by all. But there is a darker side of her rule that remains hidden under a quiet layer of censorship. The Moon Senshi are reborn in the future to stop the oppression that laid waste to their former kingdoms. Together, they bring an end to the innocence of Crystal Tokyo...

Did I mention there's priests for all of the planets instead of just one? And they're good looking? ¬.¬;;
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for the first time...
I'm realizing the Helios bears an uncanny resemblance to piglet in the personality department.

Heh heh. Poor Helios.

incidentally, fangirl scream.
I hope it grows back!!!!1111 D:
I love...
potatoes so much T_T now I really want potatoes
NOT THE HAIR!!!!!1111 D:
"Regardless, that really, really wasn't the point. I cannot begin to express to you how beside the point that was. Do you think that Mamoru is a botany expert? No, probably not."

I didn't say he was, nor was I expecting you to be. ^^;; Nor do I think that the type of flower is "the point." It was a geeky observation, akin to how one will dorkily pick at the fact of why there is a penis feather at the end of Sailor Moon, or how "Star Gentle Uterus" is maybe not the best name for a senshi attack, except that I think those things are meant to be taken more seriously than my Botany dorkiness, which is saying something because I don't think the aforementioned critiques from your top 10 list were meant to be taken very seriously outside of a "minor nitpick about something I otherwise love" way.

I'm not asking you to edit your comic to appease my inner geek. It was simply an observation relating to something I happen to have an interest in.

If something about a comic *seriously upsets me,* and trust me, this didn't in any way, shape or form, it's pretty easy to, y'know, stop reading that comic, rather than leaving comments. I only bother to leave comments when it's something that I really care about and enjoy, and this one was intended to be in good fun and as a way of sparking conversation about something I love, not as a serious criticism. I'm sorry if you thought it was meant as some kind of srs bsns post. It wasn't.
@homicidalglare well, while I'm on the botany geek rampage...
<<omgomgomgomg is Kunzie high? Did he consume shroom's in the room so he could see stars? lolcakes.>>

Well, *technically* Moon flowers and Morning Glories ARE highly psychotropic...
Technically, morning glories and moon flowers are in entirely different genera.

...not that most people could tell anyway.. ¬.¬ well, except that moon flowers boom in the evening and are not climbing vines, and morning glories bloom in the morning and are.

Fieldmouse pudding?
Those flowers look like members of the Solanales order, most famous for the Convolvulaceae and Solanaceae families, which includes the nightshade and bindweed plants. Looks closer to a bindweed than anything else, though. Oooo I hate those guys. They're terrible weeds.
I agree...
with MinagiV... although part of me is very sad, ever since someone mentioned it earlier, I can't help but think SetsunaxSaffir would be a pretty epic ship. X);
I bet it...
isn't Chibi-Usa, only because the LAST TIME we all thought it was Chibi-Usa, it turned out to be Dimande. So I bet frizzy is sitting at their computer chair, giggling like mad as we all make the same mistake again.
I love how in the new layout...
their hair is RIDICULOUSLY SHINY, like someone took murphy's wood oil to it.

Also, I declare that you ought to put pokemans captions to all of these.
how you did Koan's hair. I always imagined that she just SHAPED HER HEAD INTO CONES USING UNGODLY AMOUNTS OF HAIRGEL.
Poor Neph...
He really meant it as a compliment, too! I think it was really kind of sweet. He even said it with little <3's and everything.
Don't be embarassed. You understand perspective, which is more than I can say for myself.


I've heard that both of these subcultures, though, have mostly died in Japan.
That's what I usually do. But then I thought... I can't be the only one that does this to. And if I were Frizzy-san, I'd probably want to know so I could avoid that screen-tone in the future. So I figure I'd mention it.

I also have a laptop--so maybe it's a laptop thing.
Smooth Scrolling?
@VO1: It wasn't on, but I Turned it on and... it still does it. ^^;;
The screentone you use for night-time hurts my eyes D: it like, dances on the screen as I scroll, taunting me in a horribly mc-escher-esque dizzying way. If that makes any sense.
I'd rather get it all at once. It's hard to remember stuff from a single page of content at a time. It's more fun to read it in chunks.

I'm kind of hoping Diamande starts out a colossal ass and then comes to regret his ass hattery.

actually, this page makes me think it would be cute/cool if Kunz and Diamande have kind of a love-hate/sibling kind of relationship but ultimately become like, RAD BROMANCE BROS. And Diamande COMES TO SEE FROM HIS RAD BROMANCE that being evil is NOT COOL FOR SCHOOL. or something. Yeah, Idk.
...are you reading hentai in the tub again?