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I like to play videogames (mainly first-person shooters) type fan-fics, go on the internet alot, and annihilating the human race as we speak :D Goo warhammer 40K! go Chaos spacemarines,Spacemarines, and Imperial Gaurd (favorite saying: JUST TAKE ME INTO THE THICK OF IT!!) If you want to contact me or just want to chat for a bit please message me from my yahoo messenger account :D YAHOOOOOOO!
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    Nils Helmer
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Son of a ****ing ****h with a side order of ***k. Well just to let you all know this comic is not dead! And i am very very ashamed of myself... well i hope people still read this.
Oh shes long gone and the Apothocary is a greeter
*Has a chainsword and slices an Imperial Guardsman in half, blood covers the camera, then he rubs it off with a cloth and waves* Hey guys! enjoy
MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!! It seems our friend KB has... Transformed..... XD
Shadowclasper: No problem shadow
Ghoul: Lol until you got like leman russes, sentinals and the bane blade... then the Kasrkins, ogryns, and a huge swarm of them with all plasma rifles... (always use plasma rifles)

Shadowclasper: Lol true but do they ever rush people? Thats the point XD you got to rush them and beat them with quantity XD
The average joes own you! XD
My good friend! You must use their advantage! Bum rush your enemies with their massive pwning numbers! XD and yes everyone like's Skinny little average joes going around shooting aliens and heretics with lasguns! XD
Hmmm.... Wiping the game? Massive Swearing? Disk drive being replaced? Not making a comic in a long time? This must be the work of..... WARHAMMER 40K DAWN OF WAR: DARK CRUSADE!!!sorry everyone i was just kicking to much ass in the campaign with the imperial gaurd!
Shhhh dont talk about them or else Amber will get jealous and kill them all XD LOL XD XD XD XD
Banner and lateness
Sorry for the late comic guys, i will still go on for the usual date so dont worry! I had a bit of the cold *cough cough* Anyway i made a new banner it does not look that different LOL XD!!! anyway enjoy!
Lol i didnt have any exams i was just lazy ^^; yea... lol
Posted 2 responses eh? LOL XD
Thats a mace and thats the chaos lord in Winter Assault (Duh) lol Dark crusade doesnt work on my computer because my disk drive doesnt like it! (lousy piece of metal!)
Yes its great to be back :D
Turn back
Dont read this yet please! click the previous button to understand this comic first!
Khorne has Favored me
People, due to sweet motivation to try to make a popular web comic (and a New Years Resolution) this comic has come back from the dead to spread idiocy within the chaos ranks once again! and i bet alot of people are going to say WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING??? my honest excuse is.... im lazy but now im back and since i felt bad I made 2 comics and released them at the same time enjoy!
Welp Amber wants to be incharge but the other guys dont agree! I wonder what they are going to use the shovel for? (you will only find out till tommorow!)
There not ditzy they are just crazy like the rest of the characters... ok maybe a little but not much! lol remember this comic is random!