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I'm a gay man. I love anime and manga, including bara, yaoi, etc. I have found some amazing American-style comics on here as well, though! So many talented artists, so little time. *.*
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>^. .^<
Heehee! <3 Our cat gets SOOO pissed off if you make kissing sounds at her. Its a good way to get a hiss or a swat from her. XD
September 5th, 2014
Hah! TOTALLY her fault, just what she gets for so studiously not paying attention. Seriously, he was right next to her.
August 11th, 2014
Awww :(
I hope your trip to the vet with chicken today goes/went well! <3
May 13th, 2014
Oh :( That poor child is way too young to understand the bizarre rules that apply to the gods of this world. <3 I hope she grabbed those scissors to cut her hair as a symbol of shedding her ignorance.
I'm a good reader, I research things if I don't know what you're talking about.
Don't be embarrassed by it! It's healthy to take joy in our creativity and work. ^_^ Who says you can't have fun? A f**kstain, that's who. Never listen to f**kstains. <3
I've never sold anything I made...given things away, but not sold. I HAVE been published in periodicals, but I never really tried to make a career of it. I'd undoubtedly be horrible at promoting my work!
I love it! I promise not to ask for a picture if I meet you. XD
I have not even attempted to create my own website since 2002 or something. It did kind of make me want to scream and I'm pretty sure I'd feel the same way now.
I get it!
Viewing your own work objectively is NOT easy. I'm not terribly skilled in any fine arts, but I am this way about my writing. <3
Well, I don't read as regularly as I should, but that's only because adult life sucks sometimes and I don't always have time to do the things I want. I still love your comic and I always come back to caught up eventually! :D
February 21st, 2014
Glad I'm finally getting caught up on this! :D <3
We have to remember, this girl has spent her entire life thus far living only with gods. She doesn't understand the value of the full spectrum of human emotions because she has never really experienced or even witnessed them. At least, not in any true or intense way.

She likely values aggression and rage above the others because she sees them as the most powerful emotions and likely associates them with strength.

I find it likely somehow that she has witnessed those emotions far more than any others. I didn't create the pantheon, but gods tend to be...cranky. Especially the gods of polytheistic faiths. Well, just remember how their Father was when he summoned Lajos!

On a happier note, I love, LOVE and ADORE Miyuri. I'm pretty sure she's going to remain my favorite character <3
February 21st, 2014
:D <3
Before the reading any of the other comments, I decided to compliment you on doing such lovely work illustrating two such distinct and different female body types. Miyuri's figure is fuller and, yes, her nipples point down, but she is still effing hot and kudos to you for drawing your characters with realistically varying body types!
Kitties! <3
It's not so much that I don't think cats love humans (in my experience humans and dogs are no more likely to love you than a cat is), or even that I don't love cats themselves. It's more the torn up furniture, curtains, carpets, etc. And eaten houseplants. My leafy friends are just as important to me as my furry friends (perhaps even more so, I'm weird like that) and it's just not okay to tear them up and eat them. But we have a cat and I adore her and I dote on her even more than my husband (who had her before he had me) does. I (with great patience and perseverance) have trained her over the years to leave my plants alone and only tear up her own things.

And so, the truth comes out. I'm not a cat person OR a dog person. I'm a plant person. And I type too much and use too many parentheses.
Hahaha! I worked food service and retail for YEARS and YEARS. If that is the weirdest thing anyone ever asked/said to her, she is doing good. Maybe she doesn't drink?

Please just don't stab yourself with a pen or anything.
Hehe ^_^ Nice. I've always liked the fact that darkness was there first. That's an interesting detail to me.
Uh-oh...this is gonna be good.
I misinterpreted that whole "stole it from you" bit for a moment.
I knew you would update again someday! This is the ONLY comic I would continue to check for this long with no update. That is how well it holds my interest. I understand life takes you away, even for protracted amounts of time, but I'm so glad you're back! Loved these two updates.