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boobies and such
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    James Follett
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oh yea!
u know what was a good game. pokemon silver... THE MEMORIES!
i am a lemon... man.
hehehe. awesome
oooooh, punishments. cool
hmmm, it seems my secret Santa didn't make me a gift. there is only one explanation-
they have interfered yet again.
what an awesome idea! am i able to sign up to do a comic or is it invite only?
bah, what a shame.
some people simply have no sense of humor.
keep up the quality work.
all ur comments are belong to me
why didnt they teach me that in school?
i too like this one, the last one was good but not quite as clear, this one makes it blatantly obvious the Dai is one hell of SEX muffin. mmmmmm yea.
August 11th, 2007
wish i had as much as guts as him
im diggin this new style
August 9th, 2007
now thats one way to make an entrance
i have to ask, is your name scott, or matt? cause the author names changes halfway through.
where does one buy that book?
no truer words have been said.
brillant strip