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I´m torn between her saying yes and no because somthing is threatening her princess and she can´t bother with dating until they find out more of this enemy and what exactly did he take from her.
You planned this from the begining didn't you?!
You made us fall in love with Hades and scorn Zeus only to later reveal that Zeus has a right to be a bastard, then turn around and feel sorry for Zeus and become disappointed in Hades thinking, "well you deserved it."
YAY!! After a long wait, it is finally finished.
I've never read the 12 Dancing Princesses' or heard of Vasilisa the Beautiful. The only reason I know most of the fairy-tales is because of Disney, (and we know how accurate those are).
Anyway, I anxiously wait for your next story.
Being the devil's advocate...
While she made a choice that didn't please anybody and made her appear selfish, there were circumstances that didn't give much hope to this relationship.
The King just lost his wife; weeks later he finds another woman and marries shortly after. War is over, which signifies a new beginning. What better way to show a new beginning than marriage.
Yes, she left her children behind, but like others, I believe she thought it was for the best. If she were to take them, it could have caused serious problems.
From what I have gathered, this was a political as well as a rebound relationship.
@Devdasi: :'D I would love to see how he advertises his services.
My guess is that they have to clean up her messes too.
Just wondering, where do they go off to when they leave snow alone?
I think this is the most severe case of masochism I have ever seen.
Between him and Rapunzel, Snow takes the crown. Correct me if I'm wrong, I just see Rapunzel as (extremely) kinky.

The only Snow White story I know was Disney version, but even I couldn't imagine Niya kissing a dead Snow. So thank you for not making him a necrophiliac.

As for punishment...Niya should make Snow see him punish someone else, showing Snow what he is missing out on. Then have Snow go all "OH HELL NO!!" Grabs Niya and runs away to the tower where he locks them both in and does stuff that will make Rupunzel look 'normal'
...just so you know, I blame this idea on you XD

I think not using his traditional 'punishments' on Snow is the worst 'punishment' he has ever given.
If the witch doesn't kill him Niya's punishment(?) will.
I'm all for diabetic-inducing, sweet and fluffy love confessions, but I can't imagine these two confessing any other way.
Soooooo CUUUTEE!! Please tell me you have done (or are planning to do) individual shots with their seme.
Didn't know the human body could bend that way
Haruka, just be patient, th love-hate will come...eventually

Oh Neph, will you ever learn? Now you are on the over-protective, kick-ass senshi's hit list.
At least you don't have a lesbian fan club stalking you.
One Question
Where does he keep the fork/dinglehopper?
Seriously, Usagi? With the friends you have, how can you remain so...Naive? Innocent? Ignorant?
Zoi and Fish, why am I not surprised?
Hopefully, they can give Minako some fashion advice.
Oh no, this is not nonsense. This is wonderful and amazing. For some reason, the last line, where it says anything-for-this-kingdom and immediatly after it clearly says no-prince-don't kind of gives me goosebumps.
I spent the last two weeks reading your comics, and I am in love...But where is the rest?
Please update soon.
Did I ever mention how awesome you are by how you keep throwing us all off with something completely unexpected, but it is still welcomed?

Instead of the title being "where no man has gone before", it should be more along the lines of "where no king will be able to get to any time soon" or some variation of it.
Not the boob joke we were all hoping for, but close enough. Oh Neph, you should have gone for something materialistic that isn't kinky or perverted.
Boys...I think you are in trouble. This just proves that it is the quiet ones you should worry about.
I know this is a year late, but I just had to say this.
At first, I thought Vivian was being playfully mean, but after reading your one-shot, I think she isn't as nice as I thought she would be.
Why do I have a feeling she is going to cause trouble?
Poor guy, I just want to go over there and give him choclate.
If this is how he ends up just because he is stalking Rei, I don't even want to know what they would to to him if they found out about the bet.