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Jake E. Fisher
Art and writing are my passions.
Sooo upon rereading a bit I’ve realized just how shitty a start I was having so I figured I ought to get in a do-over while it’s still early. Seriously the old first page was painful to look at. Here’s a prettier one. There’ll be some slight differences in story direction and page planning as well. as well as more color and style consistency. I’m also getting ever closer to upping my production speed and am going to attempt to pump out pages quickly at least until I can get the story on it’s feet. But yeah, thanks for reading!
man it's been quite a while. just thought I'd toss in a comment to say congratulations dude
Jake E. Fisher
September 23rd, 2013
I kinda wish I had a reoccurring nightmare. It'd be interesting to analyze and it'd be a story to tell.

wait so was Hyo-min's design influenced by your nightmares?

Or maybe your nightmares are the same as the prince's and you have to track down real life Hyo-min and cure your awesome OD!
I bet the next page will have him mention how she was there and is "the girl of his dreams"

Loving your comic by the way.
Question for Phillip:
How does it feel to be beaten in a footrace by a human?
I laughed my ass off at that ending
No! Louie!Nooooo!

Cant wait for more updates
Love your comic!
yaaay I was rooting for Louie because of how the siblings were being jerks.

I mean.Louie's kind of a jerk too but...

he's cooler.
I was laughing hardest at the second panel
whats with her eyes? and the electricity...

kinda badass.
I dont get it...but shits hit the fan.
Happens all the time
On the bright side, Waltz won.
Whoa that looks awesome dude. Thanks.