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Aut Mercurial
Hobby: Turning up after very long periods of absence.
Btw, Cathy ate Phoebe's biscuits. Haha.
Hey, who are these two again? :P
Wurble Burble
Hi, jet-lag and surprises suck. Have a happy, giggly Phoebe.

Re: Almightyra - S-s-s-sexy what?

Re: rmo33 - Oh dear, aggressive little blighter. I've heard terriers can be like that. A dalmatian-husky sounds amazing! I'm going to have to look that up. Ahahaha your poor feet! Our puppy's still a bit like that, she used to have a huge thing about socks esp if they were still on your feet. Now she only goes for my hands. I think she hates me being able to do things.
Ngh placeholder scan
Sorry guys, I had pages ready for auto-updates but didn't have time to scan them myself before getting a flight on the 5th so asked my mum to scan them for me. She's been pretty busy though so she only managed this one. At least it's the first page! I'll upload the others (and re-upload this one) when I get home Thursday. Maybe Friday if I'm really jet-lagged. Sorry again. And of course my dad doesn't have a scanner because that would be making my life easier you know? Haha.

Re: Almightyra - Psst, would you like to buy a watch of dubious legal origin? That's usually the kind of goods hidden below jackets right?

Re: angelface - Ahaha, yeah she does look rather sad huh? I wonder why~

Re: rmo33 - Thanks! Ahaha, I wonder if that's one her main draw points...Also, your furniture-bumping puppy sounds helluva cute. Cuter than ours anyway, who thinks that trying to stick her teeth up my nostrils is a viable way to pass the time. Phoebe is definitely a bumper though. I wonder what kind of dog she'd be, my knowledge of dog breeds is pretty negligible.

Re: Renegade - Ahaha, as usual right? Maybe I bully her too much...

Re: Nasumi-Ail - Heh heh, thank you. I admit, I thought it was pretty cool.
So the other day, I came across something that blew my mind. There are Smackjeeves awards? And OP got Kudos for the cast? I'm late to hearing about it but I wanted to say a big thank you for it even being nominated, let alone voted for! So yeah, wow. You guys are cool.

Re: Almightyra - Well who else would you exchange hostages with? Enemies? Pshaw!

Re: rmo33 - Ahaha, so that's what she's been doing wrong! All this time she should have been going for the bad girl appeal! From tuxedo Phoebe to delinquent my.
I've been trying to work out what would be the best schedule for updates and such so I might actually have a buffer of pages. Not having much luck so far.

Re: Almightyra - And so begins the 6000+ chapter epic of Phoebe's quest for revenge against the fiendish Lord "C" who destroyed her faithful box of baked goods. As she follows in the wake of "C"'s destructive force, she will meet with the strongest of fighters, friends and further betrayal. But as Phoebe gets stronger, so too does the corrupting source of her power, Asth-Ma. Will Phoebe's attempt to regain peace be her ultimate downfall? And what are "C"'s true motives? 'Phoebe: Legend of the Charming Idiot', coming soon.

Or, you know, never. Bp (Because it would take up the rest of my life)

Re: rmo33 - Ahahaha, maybe she should go for something more resilient than flowers. Like a safety deposit box. Or hey, a safety deposit box WITH flowers in it. Or maybe just a photo of flowers, to be on the extra safe side. Actually Phoebe is pretty resilient there's the old "I'm your present!" trick I guess. She won't be easy to display though.
Gah. I cannot this drawing malarkey. I cannot.

So this took even longer than I thought. And I'm still not happy with it. Bleh. We live and learn and break our hands.

Re: rmo33- Ahahaha, was it all fuzzy and warm like a distant memory? Reminiscing about the time Phoebe had a stupid face? Which is almost every page. Except the ones she's not on. Glad to see your comments as always, haha.

Re: almightyra- The third option it is! Was there ever a point when it wasn't all awkward, though? ;D

Re: Renegade- Ahaha, all natural, organic wooing. Although now I'm imagining Phoebe in a tuxedo with a bouquet of flowers...hahaha
You know, I re-read all the comics again trying to make sure they were somewhat consistent. Sighhhhhhh, not a chance. In particular with the last few pages, there's this one thing I keep forgetting to draw. Anyone guess what it is? (Shooting myself in the foot here as there's probably loads of things I forget).

Re: Almightyra - Thanks, yeah family should always come first...even if they slap you for yelling at them. XD Also, now I know who's partly responsible for the weird spikes before I update.

Re: R.I.P - Thanks for being understanding. I do worry a bit though, in case people think this'll turn into one of those SJ comics which disappears into the ether...

Re: rmo33 - Ahaha, even if you have to keep reminding yourself what happened previously. The only reason that background is so detailed is because I was getting tired of drawing grass. Also, I need to practise.

Re: magik girl - Yeah, we're doing okay. I do need to rush a little more doing these pages though so I'm not taking out a pension when it's finally finished. Also, I'm glad you're still enjoying it! (and somehow remembering it)

Re: Renegade - I'm doing okay, thanks for your sympathy. And for hoping Phoebe finds a girlfriend, she'll probably need a lot of help. At the very least, she could try internet dating?
Hi guys,
I'm sorry for not having updated after the last age of not updating but due to the bereavement of a close relative, I've had to put things on hold. I would have put up a news post to inform you but everything happened very quickly.
It really means a lot to me that you like the comic enough to stick through all the uncertainty and unpredictability. I imagine it has been as frustrating for you as it has been for me.
Thank you for sticking with me. Things should be back on track now.
More coming a bit later
Just nipping in and out, so no comment replies this time. Sorry for the long wait guys.
What! Hey! That's the image from the banner!
And please find out why in the News section. I sort of explained why there. Only sort of, mind. All the reasons are annoying and I'm sure people don't really care why.
Next time!...In the Mysterious Case of the Mysteriously Disappearing Backgrounds!

Re: Almightyra - I just realised how terrible that phrase is when taken literally...

Re: Rumiel - I wish you luck for whatever you're hoping for then. XD

Re: BluSlvrWolf - Well, there's my end of chapter doodle gone. DAMN YOU. Haha, actually that makes my life easier, I had been stuck between two possibilities...

Re: DarkNeo - So has mine, still! What threshold of interesting are we going to have to cross? Cos you know, some might say nothing THAT interesting has happened at all in this entire comic! (OTL sob) Seriously though, if you wrote fanfiction I think I would die of embarrassment. In fact if anyone did that, I would be reincarnating and dying all over the place.

Re: rmo33 - Soothing words and ramen, how'd you know how to get my security all lulled? Hm yes. BOYFRIEND. BOYYYYFRIENDDDDD. Wait, Phoebe's attention span has been on sale?! No wonder it runs out so fast! Still, I have no idea what cybermonday is. Shall go ask google. Ahahaha, shhhhhh, she has to do this on her own, no matter how compelling that short idea is!
Good grief, things have been busy. Hope you guys had a good week.

Re: Almightyra - Poor Phoebe and her lack of hilarity... >.<

Re: BlueKiwi - Yes, indeed. Things are messy enough without Phoebe lying to herself. Actually, it was rather nerve-racking, I was so worried that I was going to mess up one of the letters...

Re: MidNuLL - Ahaha, no no, it's my bad as much as yours, I keep forgetting things can have a sexual dimension to them. >///< well, I suppose it might get interesting...I don't really know.

Re: Rumiel - Oh ho ho, do you indeed? It'll be interesting to see if you're right. XD

Re: lawlessearth - It was the best thing to draw on that page heh

Re: DarkNeo - Ahaha, try not to explode or anything! I think the blankets and hot drinks will definitely be a good idea. Maybe a cuddly toy and fluffy slippers too. Comfy pyjamas. Maybe something tasty. Like strudel. Mmmm, strudel

Re: rmo33 - Only a few more lines of 'no's and she would have the sunglasses and leather coat and everything. Well, it's supposable that they ignore her politely whenever she does something particularly embarrassing. Ah hah! Well of course everything is off- the-cuff, my cuffs are loaded with witticisms of a most spectacular nature (i.e. I'm a sad person who checks to see if people are still reading this thing during the week and if anyone HAS commented I need all the time I can get to think of ANYTHING to say at all. I'm not witty at all.) Well since you ended up talking to nobody, that was a very clever way of complimenting yourself! ;D Haha. And if you WERE talking about me there then where on EARTH did you get good-looking from? (Or any of the other things, but particularly that one). Goodness.

Re: candyaddict - She does have all the classic symptoms, I suppose XD

Re: DarkNeo - :> yes, she has. BUT WHAT ELSE HAS SHE SAID? OH HO. Probably nothing much.

Re: Rumiel - I hope that is an energy-saving lightbulb.

Re: BluSlvrWolf - Panel three, what happened in- Oh right yes! Load your guns with that! Prepare to repel boarders!

Re: Almightyra - All of those. Have I not been drawing her right?! DAMN! At least you have seen Phoebe's true short hairy monster soul XD

Re: rmo33 - Goodness. There is only the occasional shower of silly, I promise. And I saw you sneak that 'good' in there. Hm. Phoebe is worse than a mole for digging herself into holes.

Re: MidNuLL - U-u-u-u-hhhhhhhh, porn? How does a SEXLESS robot make you think of porn?! Kinky or not?! There is no 'go' to 'on' here! Blimey. Go wash your mouth out! Porn indeed! Ack. I'm actually blushing here. Haha...

Re: BlueKiwi - GOOD. BD
In which Diantha is rude and points a lot. Dear, dear, dear.

Re: BluSlvrWolf - Oh dear, oh dear, you better prepare some cannons to protect your ship. Man, that would be MEAN of me, introducing another surprise girlfriend.

Re: Rumiel - The next few pages have beans all over them. XD Wouldn't be much point in me spilling them early!

Re: DarkNeo - Gosh, I dunno, it's just got to happen sometime. People can choose their own reasons. Anytime you want a top-up, the cyberkettle is always on. X)

Re: Almightyra - There has been too much uniform so far. Interesting jackets needed to be drawn.

Re: rmo33 - Ahahaha, oh it's peeving when the game industry does that. I don't think I'm really a pandering sort so I'll be sticking to my guns. Though, I suspect my guns are more like very small water pistols. Maybe in the profile somewhere- 'Warning: It has been said, this comic is an "experience"!'

There shall be milk and cookies on stand-by for those who want them.

Re: MidNuLL - Urgh! I've been shot! Well since you all hate me already, guess I have license to turn Phoebe into a man! Called, uh, Phoebus. And Diantha into a tiny sexless robot. (jk...OR MAYBE NOT) (no really I'm kidding)
This is a funny looking Sunday...
Warning: You guys are all going to HATE me soon. If you don't already...

Re: jelloy - From over the hills and far away...

Re: Almightyra - Oh all right then. They're your lungs after all.

Re: kiel95 - Yeahhhhh! Let's do it! I started one last year, but had to quit because of assessments. It'll be nice to have more buddies anyway XD And yes I am already behind...>.> My account's Memnonia. So yeah add me! It should be fun!

Re: DarkNeo - Oh dear. Can I get you a hot drink or something? I should think it'd be rather difficult kissing and running at the same time...Super. Over 75 pages of that stuff should be even better then XD

Re: rmo33 - R-Really? Geeeeez, okay I'm embarrassed. I hope you can continue to say that...
Damnity Damn Damn
Sorry, it's a little late, I've been held up rather with starting NaNoWriMo and other things. I'm already behind on the wordcount, so I'm getting right back to it. Anyone else doing that this year? Also been preparing to go visit a friend of mine next week heh heh. We're going to see Nightwish. It's going to be great.

Re: Almightyra - No please! Keep breathing! It's not as lame if you do it in secret!

Re: Homerun - Haha, she can't help that, being contrite brings the sparkle out in some people.

Re: rmo33 - Oh haha, it does rather, Diantha and the forty stalkers! There's a song about Paparazzi or something isn't there?

Re: DarkNeo - Glad you're comfy now! XD Golly, gorgeous AND cute! Though I must say, it's rather sad having to talk about plot appearing after about 75 pages...OTL
Saved by DST
I apologise for that background, and in a small part that's also an apology to myself. I'm gonna have to keep drawing it. Damn.

Re: candyaddict - Yes, such is the result of overly-hyped emotions, your friends have near asthma attacks.

Re: Almightyra - No no no no! You must carry your inhaler! I don't have so many fans that I can afford to lose them! Seriously though, breathing is fun carry your inhaler >:(

Re: DarkNeo - Haha! And then this page threw off any chance of plot-settling-in...sorry, my pacing is so slow, but this way you have a chance to get a duvet and warm drink ready for when the plot decides it wants to get to work. Haha. Oh dear.

Also, if I could strangle my internet connection, believe me I would.
Bit rushed this one, ;__; It's been a busy week

Re: candyaddict - Well 'rather strong feelings of affection' is a bit too long really

Re: Almightyra - Yeah, she does, She has too much mental free time.

Re: rmo33 - I am actually really bad at stenciling, but I get your point. And I'd like to get it perfect everytime! I should really practice a lot more to get it as close as I can.


Re: Homerun - DAMN IT I ONLY HAVE ONE JOKE! So predictable...Hahaha, well, who says there ARE any misunderstandings? >__< Well, okay, Phoebe is involved so misunderstandings have to be there somewhere. I'm not sure Phoebe would enjoy China...

Re: Dr. Aluca - Haha, sorry I might be making you upset! There will be kisses in a bit but your girlfriend might be back from Paris by then!

Re: MidNull - Yes! I updated! Finally! ;__;!

EDIT: So apparently SJ lied to me when it said the page hadn't uploaded properly. Sorry guys, only one update this week! Blergh.
Things I should have practiced before attempting this page:

-People running together
-People running
-Drawing consistently
-Drawing Phoebe consistently
-Drawing Phoebe
-Holding a pencil

Bloody HELL I hate this page. Do you know, I meant to upload this last week? Only I couldn't get it to go right? And now I've only finished one page because this STILL wouldn't go right? And would Phoebe look like the same person in all her panels? No.

Gah. That first panel. Gah.

Re: rmo33 - Three continents isn't that bad! I have no idea where most of you guys are, I have a 6 in 7 chance of getting it wrong! Though actually, considering the logistics, it's probably better odds than that. I like the idea of collecting all seven continents though. Yes, even Antartica. Well, if my art did improve for that last page it took the chance to deprove in the meantime. ;__; sob

Re: Almightyra - Oh, really? Well I can see how that could be gross, though I've found that quite often things you think might be gross can actually be quite tasty. A friend of mine said American biscuits are like our scones, I don't know if you can confirm this or not...

Re: Rumiel - HAHA, SORRY. Instead of a nice hug, Phoebe is forced into exercise. With reason.

Re: candyaddict - Sorry to disappoint. Actually, this comic is pretty lacking in kisses...what kind of girl's love is this?! Wait, damn, I'm the one person who should really know!

Re: Homerun - You're welcome! Haha, they need luck, lots of luck. Phoebe could put JCBs to shame with her hole-digging ability. And yes, that would be how the saying goes (esp. in this case)...

Re: Dr. Aluca - Yay! YOU'RE back too! XD