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I'm a geeky comic artist.
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    Richi Hart
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Will be happy if you could fix my english. Thanks.
@Zidane: thank you very much! :)
@smeagol92055: yeah! :D
thank you for following the comics. :3
yay! Here is a cover for second chapter of my comics. I think the name of it and the picture tells next story for itself. :D

Thank you for all likes and comments. It means a lot!
The last page of first chapter. Hope you like it.
Oh man, the same story. I can't sold any of all this crap in my inventory and closet. XD
The last panel just made my day....... i can't stop to laugh!
Yay! My best friend helps me with english translation now. And I found a good font for my comics. I'll check all my pages soon to rewrite dialogues. Thank you very much, Bloody. You help means a lot. <3
Thank you very much, guyz, all who tried to help me with english text. I apreciate it very much. You give me a hope and a power to draw this project. THANK YOU, everyone!
Oh, SMEAGOL92055! Really, long time no see. Glad to see you here again with your kind comments. ;3
After a long break I'm finally done this chapter.
It's about 2 years of worn on the story. Enjoy.
This thing is too cute for me. Haha. But anyway I hope you like it.

Thank you for visit.
Hey, watch out, mr. FluffyLizard!
Oh yeah. It was a huge break in this story. lol
So, it's a born of little snow monster which just hatching from an ice egg. All alone. :C
But I'm sure this little thing can find good frinds in future. :3
Some flashbacks here.
It's a fantasy world full of beautuful creatures. But the world changes...
The Beggining
The cover.
If you mean my englihs - no. I use translator.
Chop and Io are watching how Talakk destroy their homes.

My english is bad. Sorry.
We are in space
I love to draw a spacescapes. I'm not very glad how it turned out. Must try other ways to draw planets and stars.

Sorry for my english. Tell me about any mistakes.

Here we go
The first full cover-page for sci-fi comic.
I hope you like it so far.

This story tells you about alien Io who looking for help in whole Universe. Io will finde it. And not only help... friends, love, new enemies and new wolrds around also.

My english is too bad. It would be great if you will help me sometimes with my grammar.

Best, Richard.