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I'm kind of shy. I love Sailor Moon and multiple other anime. I love to read, write, RP, and chat with friends.
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An update!!!! Yay!!!!! I'm so happy ^^. I've missed this so much. I loved the update btw, can't wait to see more.
September 27th, 2012
Happy Belated Birthday ^_^
^^ I hope you had a good birthday. I loved this one, especially that Usa could draw such a pretty picture while Kunzite couldn't. Mercury was wearing the visor the whole time ^^ I got it.Anyway, great update ^^
September 20th, 2012
Love the page ^^ love every thing about it ... I really love that Kunz can't draw and oh well I just love everything ^^;; I'm going to head over to check out Lunacy now, or well I'll probably do it later today since I'm about to have to leave, but still ^^ I'll go check it out.
I loved Mamoru in that first panel ^^ ... most excellent job ^^
I loved this ^^ I really really loved this!
so cute! I loved it!
I'm a little late, but I've been busy ... anyway I love it ^^. I'm sorry about your kitty but I'm glad she's doing better ^^
loved it ^^
love it love it love it! your questions do nothing for my curiosity, but it does make me even more curious and I just can't wait for more ^^ ..... feel better soon ok!
oh my goodness!!! Is Minako going to be ok?? I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm so loving this! ... well not necessarily Minako getting hurt, but you know the story and all :P
Why have I not commented already, I thought I had already ^^;; oh well, my mistake, sorry about that .... I loved it just as much as I always do ^^
love it love it ^^
loved it! ^^
oh I just really like this ^^
loved it so very much ^^
hehe ^^;; I love it!!!
I am so very glad that you are not hurting Usagi ^^;; I love her, well her and Mamoru, but still. I was most sad when I thought she was going to be hurt ... though I would have dealt with that of course and still loved the story ^^. I loved this page. The faces ... whooo! You've drawn them really really wonderfully. I do wish I could draw Sailor Moon peoples half as well as you can.
poor Usagi :( I love it! Even if you did just harm one of my favorite characters I do understand ^^ ... as long as she gets better I won't cry, maybe sniffle just a bit but I'll continue to love it! I love the action in this btw and their faces, I adore how you draw faces.
I love love love it ^^, I just love your Minako and Kunzite ... well technically I love all your characters.
Oh my goodness ^^ an update, I'm soooooo happy. I love this comic! I'm afraid I'm not a great video game player, but that is ok I'm still enjoying the story very very much ^^