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@Old Crow: Bovines don't have much by way of speed, but they do have a lot of power -- which is why they tend to get roped into (heh!) tasks like plowing and pulling heavy loads; while Equines, unless specifically bred as work animals (i.e. Clydesdales), have plenty of speed but not much power.
Disrespect His Majesty?!?!?! *monocle pops out of eye*
"I'm not as think as you drunk I am!"
Proper dinner nomenclature.
@entaur71: We in polite society do not refer to our food as "grub". "Slop", "swill" or "dross"; maybe; but never "grub"...
Oh no!

(Oh no!)

It's up to my toe!

(It's up to my toe!)

Oh Geez!

(Oh Geez!)

It's up to my knees!

(It's up to my knees!)

Oh fiddle!

(Oh fiddle!)

It's up to my middle!

(It's up to my middle!)

Oh heck!

(Oh heck!)

It's up to my neck!

(It's up to my neck!)

Oh dread!

(Oh dread!)

It's up to my *GULP!*
@AnkoArt: I would submit that Hook is pretty much Bad Form in human form.
That's...that's *CHEATING!*
Could it be...SATAN???
December 18th, 2018
Dig into that sweet, sweet mud! Feel it squish between your toes!
Wow! it's been a while! Nice to see you (and the whole E.H. crew) back!
"I dropped the sword, now you take off those knuckle-dusters that are pretending to be rings."
I can't recall if you've done the 'mummy jerky' thing before, but I know that "Futurama" has:
@Jim Nickabocker: Credit where it's due, Kaos actually spotted them first.
@Kaos:*LOVE* that webcomic!
Ah, the vicissitudes of being literal-minded...
Even Quartamentian capitalism has standards...
Would I be correct in assuming that Heather listened to a lot of Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Sex Pistols and Hatecore after she left John?
Paollo needs bandaids on the prior page as well.

Also, Douglas is quite the noisemaker, isn't he?
The jacket of that second uniform bears a suspicious resemblance to the Warrior jackets from the original "Battlestar Galactica". jpg?v=1503949406

Just sayin'...
@Hamster22: Even if not actually necessary, I would highly recommend doing so anyway. It's really *AWESOME!!!*