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@texan1972: He definitely needs to get ahold of himself...
Today, Tootles, you are a man! (Uh-oh! Don't let Peter see, he'll cull you from the herd...)
"Aww, dang it! I should have made today's Voting Incentive St. Patrick's Day themed!"

She's wearing green shorts and flip-flops. If that doesn't say "St. Patrick's Day", I don't know what does...
"Mother would always leave the window open for her children to fly back by(...)"

One would think that the weather would eventually wreak havoc on the floorboards, rug and furniture.
Sometimes you get the Ivo you need rather than the one that you want...
"Toxic Death Strudel"
You could always give her a jogging suit, something simple with just a few straight stripes.

Well, Mr. Darling always did have some rather odd ideas about how to treat the help... (Ifyaknowutimean *winkwinknudgenudge*)
Yeah, those pillows; *ALWAYS* spoilin' for a fight! *whacks my own pillows into submission*
@TriaElf9: What about poor Peter? Hasn't anyone ever told him about the Birds and the Bees? (I mean, *other* than what might be found in ornithological and apiary textbooks...)
Way to dodge your Paternal responsibilities, Peter...
When I was Layla's age, I thought that mid-forties was "old". Now that I'm 55, I can say to Icabod: "You've got nothin' on me, kid!"
Darn 'em! Darn 'em all!
Bridget: "Meh; as long as Kitty-girl doesn't do any damage to our stuff, I'm not gonna argue about it..."
Re: The Fluffiest Anarchist

Okay, now I want to read that...

Re: Incentive

*holds up lighter*
@Marscaleb: Well he certainly doesn't seem to understand the concept of "scene contamination"...
"What is the measure of a Pan?"
So, the Spleen Jerky -- vented or unvented? (Personally? I prefer the unvented. Less bitter and more flavorful...)
Now is *NOT* the time to be thinking of an omelet for breakfast, Peter...