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Minor art quibble...
Why does Abner have two left feet?
That's gonna hurt *ALLLLLLLLL* the way down...
"Six drops of the essence of Terror! Five drops of sinister sauce..."
Orientation. What a drag...
"(...A)nd sweet music(...)"

Although something tells me he's *NOT* a fan of the "Hooked On" genre...
Outside the coverlet?! Shocking!!!
And now *YOU* get to take it hard...
"Yea, though I walk through the alley of the shadow of Death..."
Hook: "I'm not afraid."

Yoda: "You will be..."
@Na.Ar: He does what he must because he can...

Aren't you GLaD?
Oh, Peter! Don't you know that smoking is bad for you -- and The Lost Boys and Wendy and her brothers?
@ Blitzkrieg1701: I stand corrected. (Sneaky little menace!)
@ Tarkus K: Secret Rule #1 of Superheroing: The more visible -- whether by costume or hierarchy -- a sidekick or other team member is, the lower *your* chance of getting folded/spindled/mutilated/mashed/squashed/blasted/killed is. Avi knows what she's doing. (Sneaky little minx!)
"Curse this biological addiction to Dihydrogen Oxide!"
Ya gotta admire Paollo's work-ethic, at least...
Astrid's Law
Astrid sounds a bit like the Millionaire/Police Detective Amos Burke of the 1963 TV series "Burke's Law".

(I used to watch this when I lived in Cleveland.)
Just bee calm...
@JTron: Ha! Callbacks! Love 'em...
Just throw it at the darned thing!