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I really like photography and abstract art. I pretty much got this account so that I could comment on my friend's comic. My favorite manga is Death Note and um... yeah.
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Are these the Drakes?

This page is really good.
Well panel three looks amazing, are there any girl drakes?
They are such a cute family. So not all Dragons are red, Are there any colors they are not?
I really like the movement and angles on this page
Awesome dragons by the way. Explain to me guardians again how does that work?
aww...Drake's younger brother
How did his family die, that is so sad. What was the story of Joan's family again.
Is it just me or has Drakes teeth gotten pointer, Sleeping in closet isn't all that bad as long as you have room to lie down :)
How old is Drake?

P.S. I really like this page, and Joan's point kinda makes sense
Yayy... I'm glad your still updating and Cerise's right you'll come back at least in one piece :)
Poor guard looks bored out of his mind. I like drake's quick answers, I got stopped at security at london hethrow airport because my answers were not very good (I didn't know where I was going,or the people I was staying with) They called my mom at three in the morning to check if what I said was true.
Instead of run little man run, it is more go dragon go.
I just can't get over how awesome drake's hat is :-)
drake looks awesome, and teddy looks like he feels extremely awkward in a cool way. Has teddy always been that tall or has drake always been that short?
No Big, I know how stressful in a fun way lives can get, Hope you are having fun in china
End of chapter five congrats. That is amazing. It does not seem like I have been reading this comic for two years. I love joan, drake and teddy. good job and thank you.
Hey Happy New year. I can't believe I have to wait to see what teddy gave his dad. Today was alumni day so a lot of people came back which was cool. A lot of people came back for judy's memorial and there is another one saturday.
I think teddy is allowed to have a pity party, I'll bring cake. I like his eyes in the last panel
I really like this panel it works for me. I like how teddy is silent, I I like the darkness.
I am glad that you updated, junior year in highschool is kicking my ass...
Ooohhhh is she a love interest?