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Perhaps it's my vias against any company bearing the THQ name talking, but if you ask me, I really don't buy that Brock "didn't know the site's reputation." Not for one second.

Barking at a Tree
So, the FTC's big plan against lockboxes is an open forum comprised of people with no authority on our culprit to suggest things they have no reason to want to stop doing at all. Because that will show 'em who's boss, right?

It's a sad day when I hold US' institutions in the same contempt I hold my country's.

@1958Fury: Not quite, our idiom rather refers to an upstart taking advantage of an opening, not a bully taking something by force. But thanks anyway!
No Fate But That We Make
By the time I uploaded this comic to the queue, last episode of RWBY's latest season had already aired, so it's safe to assume that, after five weeks, it no longer counts as spoilers.


While I acknowledge having no proof whatsoever, that redefinition of the whole Oz/Salem dynamic didn't really jive with the narrative they had built until now (and I'm far from the only one that suspects this wasn't part of Monty's original plan).

Now, yes, best practices dictate that scripts must be planned starting with the showdown/climax and then go backwards so that you can be sure all preceeding plot points will coherently lead to your climax without any plot holes... however, as we all know, "best practices" is also something even the best rarely stick to (spoiler: not even BSG's authors had figured out exactly what "the cylons' plan" was until the last season).

Now, sure, I can't blame the CRWBY for seeking a new direction (Monty Oum passed away soon after season 2, after all, so the chances that he left actual, complete notes so far in advance are close to zero), but the team had three years to prepare for this day, and they could have done it in a better way if you ask me.

Still, as jarring as it was, it's no deal breaker for me, so I'll keep following the series and see where this new direction takes things.


P.S Trivia: Because of his color and power, according to folklore, Aladdin's genie can only be a Marid. While Marida are assumed to be all female, the 1001 Nights features also a female Ifrit (which are assumed to be all male), so it's not like the source material is that strict with its own canon.
My First Guest Page!
While the circumstances are less than fortunate (the wrist injury I'm still nursing), this is a milestone for me, and I'm proud of it.
No Longer For Sale
Considering gamestop's history, they got no sympathy from me when they first announced they were going for sale.

And now that they 're plain taking it back, even less so. Chances are, they were just trying to pull some Toys R Us shennanigans to further enrich themselves, probably at the expense of the workforce.

"Comiendoles El Mandado"
This Spanish idiom translates literally as "Eating their groceries," and English' closest equivalent would be "stealing the thunder" except the Spanish version makes an allusion specifically to an upstart stealing your thunder from under your nose while you were busy navel-gazing.

Just the way Epic is doing to Valve right now.

Valve right now could be doing lots of things to secure their reign and keep Epic in line: They could be strengthening relationships with publishers, improving their contractual offers, or becoming even friendlier to users... hell, they could even resort to good ol' mafia tactics in a pinch.

...instead, Saint Gabe prefers investing his precious time persecuting anime titties.

Time for Steam to stop sleeping on its laurels. Origin and Uplay were easily ignored, but with Epic you finally got some actual competition, and they're going for the yugular.


P.D: I have been nursing a wrist injury for almost a month now, so the next month of comics or so may be cutting a corner or two. Apologies beforehand.
Teamwork and Synergy
No matter how well you feel the PC party was planned during session 0, the first three sessions or so will always see the party smoothing out kinks, dispelling assumptions, and actually getting to know each other. This goes double when your table is trying out a new game.

Go easy on your players the first sessions of every campaign, give them time to become the well-oiled machine they're meant to become.

@MadMan: It was the most appropriate comparison I could think of.
Here Comes A New Challenger
Tommy Tallarico was one of the best musicians of the 16 and 32-bit era, I dare say he was America's Yuzo Koshiro. He disappeared, but later on I found now he had music production studio (and recently he re-surfaced with the Videogames Live tour).

Alas, like plenty of geniuses, seemingly Tallarico was bound to eventually lose it, and his most recent enterprise is... bringing back to life the intellivision.

As an entrepreneur, Tallarico is a great musician, clearly.

Anyway... one would think that Tallarico's impending failure would serve as a warning... but SEEMINGLY, THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

Oh well, they say the wise learn from others' mistakes, while the fool won't even from their own.

The Vampire Saga Continues
While I'm happy Onyx Path didn't end up fully back in charge of the WoD (please keep them away from Mage), the question is not about me, but about whether the rest of the WoD's target demo still gives a damn by now. Furthermore, the fact that the most notorious V5 defenders are a "vocal minority" that keeps blowing a swastika-shaped cloud over vampire will do very little to improve things unless Paradox shows us they're not afraid of firing those portions of their audience (starting with showing us the pink slip of Reinhagen and anyone remotely chummy with him).

And yet... the probability that even the stricter measures prove to be Too Little Too Late at this point only grow by the day.

And the world is still here...
So, a new year of toil.

No disease lasts forever...
...nor is there anybody who could endure it that long.

May next year brings us relief. way or the other.
Forgetting About the World's Crap for a Day
Let's not think about that bill that got approved in march that leaves businesses vulnerable and liable for the content uploaded by users.

Let's not think about how that bill is mostly gonna be used to try to "erase from existence" all LGBTQ community.

Let's not think about how neo-puritans are right now on top of the world.

For now, for just one day, let's just have one decent day with out loved ones.

Next year, the fight continues. For now, let's just rest.
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
By the time this comic is published I'll hopefully be done watching Netflix' Sabrina series.

Personally I love it: The characters are very well done, the story is tight, and it has no waste. My only complain is the one illustrated in the comic. Also, people of pagan faiths probably have to force their Willing Suspension of Disbelief more than others, because yeah, it's 100% "satanic lulz fiction."

Requiem For a Dream
If you thought Reinhagen was settling for the incel crap he managed to slip in the core book after his nazi dogwhistling didn't make it past the alpha, then you were wrong, oh sweet, summer child.

Alas, seemingly the new PR fiasco happened to be the straw that broke the camel's back, and Paradox finally decided to take matters into their own hands before the shitstorm started hurting their actual bottom line.

When people from the Gaming Den asserted V5 was dead on arrival I refused to believe it, and even defended it from detractors... but it doesn't take an Einstein to know the WoD is not getting back up from this one. They're taking the path of dnd, and that way lies oblivion (there's a reason Mearlsy is now all about "brand marketing" as opposed to, you know, game development).

Requiestcat in Pace, World of Darkness. It was a brave try, but I guess in the end it was not meant to be.

<img src=>

Toxicity of Our City
Regardless of whatever few points of light you can find (Squirrel Girl, uncle Stan, etc), let's remember there's a reason why Disney took Marvel Studios away from Marvel Entertainment, and that is that Marvel Entertainment in general and Marvel Comics in particular is full of horrible people (just google Ike Perlmutter).

Meanwhile, Riot Studios in general and League of Legends in particular are infamous for being the most toxic of wasteland in all of gamer culture.

It's a perfect match, it doesn't take an Einstein.
See You Space Cowboy
In all fairness, what killed Wildstar was... Wildstar. I can't figure for the life of me what were these guys thinking when they decided to go "h4rdc0re" (these guys were ex-Blizzard employees, they knew what made WoW successful, and 1337 7|-|1|\||< was not it).

...still, being NC-Soft who they are, there was exactly one way this story was gonna end. I'm actually surprised NC let them live long enough to shit their own bed.

@tussock: Very probable. Another friend of mine also reminded me a marketer's job is creating a need where there is none, so I guess telling an ever growing (if sedentary) demographic "you're a sportsman too! Time you dressed up like one!" sounds just about right.
@Bob: embarassing mistake with PS layers. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.