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Battle For Azeroth
So, the latest WoW expansion is already in Beta... and if Sylvanas is really in charge of the Horde now, then the sociopolitical commentary got definitely less than subtle.

Try it, just say it loudly, you'll put 2 and 2 together right away.

By the way, credit for this page goes to Nerf Now's Jo Pereira, who basically gave me the idea on a silver platter one week ago (and he's probably not likely to use it, since he's averse to unnecessary controversy in his webcomic).

...Let Him See
While I can't say I feel one way or the other about Gigantic, it was sad to see the untimely demise of Torchlight's makers.

The ones who should be most worried, however, are Cryptic Studios... closing two studios and firing everyone on the same day sounds like some aggressive spring cleaning from PWE (yes, spring, all business decisions are made two business quarters in advance) and Cryptic shares the same profile as our two victims:

1) "Underperformer" (their games are niche products, mostly).

In Mexico, we have a saying: When you see your neighbour cutting his beard, start preparing to do the same. I just hope Valiance Online is released before the curtain comes down beacause, from where I see it, the writing is already on the wall.

An Indecent Proposal?
THIS NOTE really should have been posted sooner, but the prior comics just couldn't be delayed.

Granted... there's already plenty of material to impeach 45 into oblivion, it has been there since the elections, yet nothing happens, so no amount of dirt mr. Flynt could bring would make any difference, sadly.

@Brian: His name for some reason turned out to be "Bill." I like Strawman for last name, though!
One of the main reasons I was eager to read Starfinder was because it's been about seven years since Pathfinder first came about, and I'm sure they're using SF to test ideas that may become Pathfinder's second edition.

Now, I can only hope I'm wrong, because it seems Jacobs & co. have been playing too much d&d 5E, and used its worst elements (namely, player disempowerment as main design objective). Not only that, the setting is blatantly incomplete: a future tie-in with your fantasy game, but absolutely NO HISTORY on how they got there? Seriously? The only explanation is that mr. Sutter didn't read Dragonstar and in his inability to reconcile elements, he just threw up his hands and decided not to do it.

Also, you can't make players totally dependant on equipment if you're going to have two different economy scales (equipment and starships) since all you need is hijack a ship, sell it, and the game breaks. The way to deal with this would have been trivializing equipment so only ship economy remains, make player characters less dependant on equipment, not more (remember that episode where Kirk and Spock were penny-pinching for Comm Badge parts? Yeah me neither).

Now, granted, not everything in Starfinder is flaming excrement: Salvaging Saga's a-la carte class feature is a genuinely good idea, and refurbishing 4E's Second Wind points into something actually serviceable is also a net gain. Alas, those two are the only good ideas, and clearly not enough to rescue this garbage fire of a game that treads on the sad brown line between too draconian for 3.X fans and not draconian enough for 5E fans (and thus, it will please neither demographic other than hard-core Paizo apologists).

Avoid this book like the plague, especially when Aethera does a light-years better job at bringing you Space Opera for Pathfinder.

The Movie
No, watching this movie won't cause your testicles to fall off.

Yes, I'm a fan of Tabitha St. Germain and Tara Strong.

And yes, this movie competes with Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 for "most pop-culture references than you can shake a stick at."

Having said this, and as much as unwarranted persecution sucks, the cases of kid-stalking and otherwise "stranger danger" in MLP cons are enough for me to be wary of a garden variety Comic Book Guy at the showing room.

@Afro goblin: *groans*


Well played.
Being the quintessential douchebag car, I wanted to give VH a Hummer at first, but he doesn't make that much money... so being how the Mustang 2006 is the car for run-down douchebags, Mustang it is.

Happy Halloween!
@Brian: Ikr? But then GMs will do well with being coherent. If you don't care for PC-NPC interaction, then openly discourage it.
Cutting The Nose
Consider yourself blessed if your life is still good enough as to still have time to roll eyes at the latest white supremacist crap regarding the NFL.

Yes, it took me this long to make any comments on the earthquakes. I didn't feel like talking about it because I'm not coping well with it, at all. I'm blessed for having dodged all three bullets, I was also alive for 1984's big one; nevertheless, for thousands of people, this was the month their lives ended, the atmosphere in the country at all is thick with distress and fear, and we're not the only ones; Puerto Rico was de-facto forsaken for weeks, Barbuda was destroyed, the crap in Houston is far from over... also, this month's quakes ran all up our side of the Ring of Fire and I don't even feel like going through the implications. It's a nightmare. Lots of people often wish for the house of cards to finally go down, but now we can look up and see Damocles' sword above our heads, so let's see where that people stand now.

Peace, may you and your loved ones be safe.
Death by Origin Story
One of the most offensive Worst Practices of crap GMs is accepting a (probably off-camera) network of relationships as part of a character's background from a player only to go on a killing spree with said NPCs for the lulz (and more often that not, said deaths are by decree without anything the interested parties can do about it).

Funny thing about that is that the same GMs who do this are the same who complain when their players all roll sociopathic orphans or go full murderhobo.

Tomb of Horrors... redux.
As of the time I put this comic in the queue, I have yet to read this canned adventure, but not only acquaintances of mine confirm is a new Tomb of Horrors... also, I'd recognize that infamous Sphere-of-Annihilation face anywhere.

Regardless of whether you love or hate old ToH, the release of its 5E incarnation is always noteworthy.

Moronic Lawsuits Theater Presents
One would think people would have learned after Marvel's petty attempts to copyright the letter X and the word WEB were promptly shut down by the courts.


Regardless of what people signs, or even what government offices sign, there are many laws that are legally, constitutionally unenforceable. You're looking at one right now, Hasbro claiming the rights to an ANIMAL's name. You just can't, and even when you find a crooked-enough judge to rule in your favor, anyone can challenge in court the unconstitutionality of that ruling, and flip birds at you.

I'm tempted to create a Bumblebee OC just to prove my point, and dare Hasbro to sue me.

Twice in a Row

Tapastic is perhaps the biggest and most popular webhost for webcomics.

As of late, however, Tapastic has been getting increasingly greedy, and this is its second attempt at a power grab over its own community... in two months (the first one was a claim of Prima Nocte on its authors' publishing rights).

Needless to say, Tapas members are not stupid, and Tapas has been bleeding members ever after its first attempt (even after they backpedalled on it). Unlike their previous attempt, this new scam is not compulsory for publishing your webcomic there, but still, lots of creators that hadn't left during their first attempt are doing so now on grounds of not being willing to put up with recurrent attempts at screwing them over.

If Tapas keeps this up, they'll end up like Project Wonderful.

Lessons learned
@Brian: We all started somewhere (my first game was an abomination). As long as we learn from our mistakes, we can happily look back and laugh at them.
Comicon Trailer Extravaganza
After Sony basically spoiled me the whole of Spider-Man: Homecoming in its first trailer, I've been avoiding trailers of movies I wanna watch, which means I had to avoid Comicon's trailers.

Fortunately, I don't give shit about the DCEU (other than WW, fortunately unsullied by Snyder), so I had no hesitation with its trailer... and it didn't fail to disappoint, with the added bonus that now they're pretending none of the previous DCEU movies existed and suddenly Superman is all hope, inspiration, and an order of fries rather than the walking disaster of the Snyderverse. Even if Snyder made Batman an even worse psychopath, that doesn't automatically restore Supes by comparison.

Coherency, please.
Vampires and Vampires
First, the good stuff:

It's a secret to none that videogame-based anime always follows the same formula:

1) Pick a videogame with GREAT story and worldbuilding
2) Ignore ALL of said great story/setting, drop all elements that made the videogame great.
3) Use some mediocre script you pulled out of your ass.

It took Warren Ellis to break this abominable mold.

Castlevania is better than good, it's better than great, it's the Castlevania all gamers who are now in their 40s used to see in their mind's eye while playing the game. The story is a true-to-source bridge between Castlevania 3 and Symphony Of The Night. The visuals have Ellis' trademark in that one in every six shots is basically a vignette (and a great one). All the imagery was pulled from the games down to the giant clockwork wheels. The voice acting is as good in english as it is in Japanese (and we have some GREAT talent in the english dub). I can't wait for the next 8 episodes in November.

The not so good, V5:

While the tidbits of the rules they released are intriguing (I like the new hunger/feeding/blood rules), they're too scarce to pass any judgement. As it stands, the current rules barely amount to a pre-alpha and in no way, shape, or form, ready for a test drive.

The ugly, the V5 playtest scenario:

Vomitive, no matter how you look at it.

As a writer:
It's a mess. If V5 is now gonna be Anarch-Centric, then why put the players as -camarilla-?? The POV is upside down. Your audience is supposed to empathize with the protagonist, not the supporting cast (and much less the antagonists).

As a game-designer:
It's a novel, not a canned adventure. The most insulting railroad since Rise of the Runelords, and the most disempowering GM-wank material since the intro of Tyranny of Dragons.

As a Vampire fan:
Whoever wrote this kinda forgot everything that made vampire cool and just stuck with Justin Achilli's desk notes. You see, Vampire The Masquerade was one of the biggest cases of Death of the Author in the hobby. Originally, ReinHagen and Achilli wanted a wangstfest about fanged emos who moped under the rain in stinky alleys for being cursed with awesome. These fanged emos were supposed to be perpetual victims of oppression from a system led by immortals from behind an eternal glass ceiling the PCs would never, ever, cross.

The rules, however, gave options to do more interesting (and less emo) things: Things from running small empires in the undercity to actually be part of the city's Primogen or even the Prince. Vampiric power games where were it was at, and those that didn't care for vampire politics just played the game as Vampions. THAT was the vampire that people remember, that was the vampire that got many roleplayers laid, and that was the vampire that put old White Wolf as a superpower in the hobby second only to d&d.

Now... the new administration wants to make vampire anarch-centric and right at the beginning of the new Anarch Revolution? Perfect! Now the game can be a revenge fantasy at the lower social strata where the players Eat The Rich, and MORE vampire politickinig and power games at the upper strata; after all, anyone who has actually read history knows how revolutions work (spoilers: They're NEVER "for the people by the people").

This playtest scenario, however, did it all wrong... I just hope the new White Wolf realizes it before it's too late.

Diablo III's New Toys
Every time you kill an enemy in the Diablo III expansion, they leave a corpse. The necro has several powers which make use of these corposes (the best, though, is making them explode). So, you make an enemy explode near the team's tank/carry and you'll kill plenty other mobs, leaving more corpses... and If you equip the right rune, detonating a corpse blows up all nearby corpses in chain reaction. So, get 2 or more necros in the same game and eventually the screen looks like you were making gore popcorn.

It took me playing with a friend to notice this peculiarity.


Credit Where Credit is Due: It's thanks to THIS TUTORIAL that I learned to make fireworks.
In all fairness, Mexico City has no place at all with "low" crime rates (ask any Mexican real estate agent or Actuary, they're only either "mid-high" or "high"), so if the lack of security stopped us from doing things well, we wouldn't get anything done. We know the mugger sits at the front door but there are bills to pay so we can't afford to allow ourselves to become prisoners in our own house.

Nevertheless, as much as we brave to go out, there are very specific places within our illustrious state where we simply -do not go- unless we absolutely have to and Ecatepec is one of them so... why in the world would anyone host a con there? I wouldn't go, and sure as hell I wouldn't let any of my nieces go either (let alone in cosplay).

Sega Forever, always, and never
First and foremost, I must say that THIS is the right way to beat emulators. THIS is what the Big N should have done years ago.

At last. Sega has a victory on Nintendo.

Now, those who grew up with Sega are familiar with the frustration of never, EVER getting a straight arcade port to a home system. Home versions were always watered down, which marked the beginning of the end as soon as Sony came around with a Tekken that was not just a perfect port, it was even BETTER than the arcade and all Sega had to compete with that was a pale, watered-down Virtua Fighter on the Saturn. And even then, while the Saturn was more than capable to bringing their arcades as-is, they never did.

And now, they have been selling old classic games on Steam for years... but NEVER the arcades.

So, yeah... don't hold your breath on the Forever service either, because Sega Forever will NOT have the arcades.

Sega will NEVER bring us the arcades.

Because Sega.


P.D: I'm aware there were notable exceptions like Sega CD's Final Fight (better than the arcade) and House of the Dead... then again, all rules have exceptions.