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Posthumous Awards
I can't say I was paying attention to Origins, I was too busy being disappointed at E3, so this note came as a surprise, and a pleasant one at that, since I still love the game despite all the mismanagement that led to its untimely demise.

When the Cat is Away...
This has to be the saddest E3 to date.

For once, Microsoft had the floor all to themselves, and they still dropped the ball.

The press took our complains about only regurgitating the press conferences, and answered by not even bothering to give coverage to the actual event at all.

Ubi's betrayal for The Beast was by no means surprising, but it was still disappointing.

Shenmue celebrated its backstabbing of Steam backers.

The new Battletoads game looks like, ok, like another Rare disappointment.

Devolver didn't even bother in streaming THEIR OWN PRESENTATION in their twitch channel.

Bethesda and PC Gaming did good as always, but the show this time was Squeenix and Nintendo alone.

Missing the Whole Point
I know Germany's legislation (that one, at least).

Yes, I know the whole point of outlawing all nazi iconography is necessary, and for a good reason: Keeping neo-nazis away from the big chair *cough*USA*cough*.

However, we're talking about Wolfenstein... a game with a great story, a cautionary tale, and something with killing nazis as THE WHOLE POINT.

Bethesda: Why would you even sell Wolfenstein in Germany if doing so required destroying the game's whole message?? This is the very definition of selling out: Doing something you don't believe in just for the money.

In any case, for better or worse, I guess we won't have to find out.

Nature Points Out The Folly of Man
I'll say it... yes, Godzilla: KotM's story sucks, it sucks balls.

However, you're not here to watch Schindlert's List, you're here to watch a kaiju movie, a Godzilla movie, and the Kaiju scenes are all perfectly executed, they're what every kaiju fan out there always wanted, and now have.

If you like Kaiju, ignore the critics, ignore the story, and enjoy. I know I did.

The Other Shoe Drops
White Wolf died last year when it was dissolved by its parent company (Paradox), one month after the CEO was fired.

Also, by his own admittance, Ericsson was relieved of duties starting this year... why did it take six months to sack him?

In any case, he was finally sacked last week as of the time this page was uploaded in the publishing queue (i.e he was fired one month ago)... so yeah, the delay for this bit of news is just appropriate (not like it matters at this point anyway). Oh well, we'll always have Bloodlines 2.

Here Comes A New Challenger
I'm sure I have mentioned before this saying: El Miedo No Anda En Burro.

Both Sony and Microsoft are no doubt terrified of Google muscling in on the industry, scared enough to form this alliance. They fear for their lives.

The console wars may just be reaching their final boss.

Frail Egos
Once again, sometimes the jokes just write themselves (thanks, DJ).

The nazi mind is a curious animal full of contradictions and doublethink: "we have all the power, but we're the victims," "we're the superior race, but everyone else oppresses us" "Be proud, but be very afraid."

Needless to say, the only ego more fragile than a nazi's, is that of a nazi wannabe.

Usually I end my notes by saying "peace," but this time remember that the price of peace is eternal vigilance.

P.S: Of course it had to be a white screen, they wouldn't look at a *gasp* black one.

P.P.S: If you don't like a movie just, you know, don't watch it. Pulling this kind of crap only gets you laughed at.
Almost as good, almost.
A month later after the season came out, it's safe to assume that all those that planned to watch it already did.


Sabrina's season 2 wasn't awful... but having said this, it does have its share of problems, starting with the lack of direction. It's like the director couldn't make up their mind on whether they were doing Romantic Fantasy, Rags-to-Riches, or Damian 2: Electric Bugaloo. Also, while Sabrina's constant "failing forward" is pretty much a staple of the series, this season got dangerously close to becoming an idiot plot. Your protagonist is supposed to learn, grow, and become smarter with time, not more stupid.

Also, how come you put a suave, competent love interest named SCRATCH in the series and you don't make him Satan?

While the season is still not a deal breaker for me, it made me less tolerant of the anvillicious Cathollic Fiction formula.


P.S: Jeff Sessions has gone on record more than once not-very-subtly advocating for slavery.
The Beauty and the Beasts
My first reaction when I heard that Palladium released a new book last month was indeed one of surprise. In 2019, I'd say Palladium's greatest achievement was indeed outliving all of its competitors. While d&d, Traveller, and other oldies are still around in some form, Palladium is still the last original publisher still alive. Kevin Siembieda: Last Man Standing.

"That is not dead which can eternal lie" I guess.

As little as I may care for Palladium, I acknowledge that it's not necessarily worse than its competition/contemporaries, but Palladium's games having been the backdrop of most of my crap table horror stories back in my 20s sure compounded into making me avoid it like the plague in an example of Negative Reinforcement. And then, things like the way Siembieda used to routinely scam his freelancers and persecute fan creators and the so-called "crisis of treachery" were only the cherry on top of the Aversive Stimulus shitcake.

Still, if you're a fan, then by all means get this book. Chances are, you won't be disappointed.

@Bysmerian: And the reason it was kept a secret was most likely that, the less tight a control you keep on who knows, the higher the risk of exactly this happening.
The Sassoon Files
The Sassoon Files is a set of campaign resources and canned adventures for Gumshoe's Call of Cthulhu. Earlier this year, TSF's kickstarter was successful and everything was going according to plan...except for the thing that backers' physical books were printed in China.

While Sons of The Singularity (SoS) are far from the first RPG publishers to print their books in China, writing any sort of urban horror fantasy there is asking for trouble. China's Big Brother has people inspecting literally every book that is produced in the country, and the government's authorization is required just to go to the press. From the moment the books were already printed, it's clear this publishing house thought they could just fool Big Brother and make some pocket money for themselves.

The blame lies with both sides. At least the publishing house decided not to put up a fight and reimburse SoS, so all that will happen is that backers will get their books some months late. Oh well, live and learn.

"Journalistic Ethics" and Other Oxymorons
No, I won't mention the note. No, I won't mention the sources, either. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you won't hear it from me... because I care for what's right more than I care for cheap clicks!

For those who do know, however:

A lot of people on this planet are petty. Petty people don't care for hurting lots of people over the pettiest grievances. They're the kind of people who don't mind destroying great things that bring happiness to many on the trite crutch of "if I can't have X, then no one will."

I'm sure there's a special level of hell for these sociopaths.


P.D: No, please don't spill the beans in comments, either.
@1958Fury: Glad to know!
A Fool and His Money
I said it last year, and I'll say it again.

Do not buy Champions' Lifetime Subscription. It's being sold in bad faith and everyone knows it.

Cryptic has been going through a constant re-organization all of last year, including a series of layoffs, and now their need to cut costs is so bad they just killed the only thing that set them apart (their mission editor) from the MMO which is actually their cash cow (Star Trek Online)

Champions is Criptic's ugly duckling, and has been in defacto maintenance mode for more years than City of Heroes was alive.

It shouldn't take an Einstein to put 2 and 2 together.
Mafia Tactics
First Epic steals games and makes them "exclusives."

Then he goes on record saying customers don't matter.

Then I find out his store client is one giant piece of malware.

And finally, I found out they're owned by Tencent... which, in turn, is subject to whatever edicts China makes, so regardless of what Sweeney says, if you don't find any "politically incorrect" games at Epic's store, now you know why... just don't be surprised when the client shuts your games down after two hours of play or games played via Epic don't let you type words like "Taiwan" or "Winnie The Pooh," just saying!

Epic are malware-peddling gangsters and I want nothing to do with them.

PS: 40% IS the majority share when Sweeny is not in possession of the other 60% because he and Tencent are not the only two shareholders... seriously, it's not Wayne Enterprises.
The Swan Song
Yes, perhaps people could be less vitriolic with their feedback... but then, people would only keep blaming E.A for so long. People is getting tired of alpha builds sold as full releases, and they're tired of being nickled and dimed to death, so if they see anything that can be perceived as prologue to lootboxes, that's exactly how they're gonna take it.

And yes, I'm still of the mind that, no matter what, Anthem is Bioware's Swan Song.


Am I Cancelled Yet?
"One more such victory, and I'll be undone"... those are the words credited to king Pyrrhus.

Yes, it's good to have a president that actually delivers on campaign promises for a change... he's actually the first to do so since I'm alive. The question is whether is really worth it.

Lopez Obrador's heart may be in the right place, but the way he's going around things amounts to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. You don't de-fund vital social programs (daycare for single mothers, women shelters, etc) without having an alternative ready for deployment, no matter how much corruption may be involved... especially in the case of women shelters because in that case lives are literally on the line.

Lopez Obrador better gets his act together real quick.

Perhaps it's my vias against any company bearing the THQ name talking, but if you ask me, I really don't buy that Brock "didn't know the site's reputation." Not for one second.

Barking at a Tree
So, the FTC's big plan against lockboxes is an open forum comprised of people with no authority on our culprit to suggest things they have no reason to want to stop doing at all. Because that will show 'em who's boss, right?

It's a sad day when I hold US' institutions in the same contempt I hold my country's.

@1958Fury: Not quite, our idiom rather refers to an upstart taking advantage of an opening, not a bully taking something by force. But thanks anyway!