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Well, I love manga and anime, also drawing (as most do on this website) I love comedies and chibis (especially chibis KAWAI chibis)I'm no good at drawing Bishees (Bishi? Bieshi? Fishy?)
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February 13th, 2017
Been looking for a good comic
tell me what you are sweet gurl!
Oh no... she hasn't preserved her previous girlfriends body has she? D:
I hate how some people react to transgender people, we were at one of our family friends parties (shes a transgender woman) and a woman came up to my mums old bf and started talking about this family friends then they referred to her as "he, it, that, whatever". Everyone got angry at this woman and she left early in embarassmemt. I couldn't beliveve some people would be so cruel and unempathetic.
Really want to get one! Should have bought mine at MCM but got so distracted by your delicious £20 book deal! I can imagine character animation would make it hard to make your own stuff, Ive just started an animation course at Uni and literally have NO TIME for my own stuff, its tragic :'(
Wow Ive seen your posters up at Bournemouth Uni! Congratulations on your job :D
Aw that was so sad! I loved it though!
I really like this comic already!
Hey are you going to comic con this year?
I have to wait until saturday to see what happens? NOOOOOOOOOOO XD
So good... I really love this comic, all night Ive been saying to my boyfriend "Why... WHY DID SHE HAVE TO CHEAT... with claire of all people... *sob sob* and why did it have to end that way?" XD It seems Ive gotten really emotionally attached to this story. I cant wait to see the rest, its so good!
Golly Gosh it just looks so darn good
So adorable!
How are you so good?!?!? I love your story and your art! *3* I love it all
February 22nd, 2013
D: Fudo's beautiful fluffy hair!!! This will take some getting used to >.<
February 21st, 2013
This comic is so awesome! I love your style!!!
February 20th, 2013
How in any way is this page awful? Its awSOME! love the blush in the last panel, so cute!
February 18th, 2013
:o omg you are back! I've really missed your story <3 one of my favorites on smackjeeves! I can't wait to read more >3<
Ron you jerk! I love your art btw <3
:o I gotta get my hands on those keychains
Oh dear, I get the feeling this will get rather painful for him