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I like gay things 8D

And Incubi~<333

Also Fairytales

I like gay Incubi that read fairytales <3333 Call me <3333
April 7th, 2011
April 6th, 2011
Update c:
Another page YAY! 8D
April 5th, 2011
Update yaaaaaaay~!!!
Hey guys! Sorry for the wait! Q u Q havent been in the l4d mood for a while ; A ; sobsobsob
April 2nd, 2011
Another update yay! c:
Hizumi enteerrsss Q u Q I missed you Hizumi sobsobsob havent seen u in foreveerzzz!! KJHSGSHGKJSKHSDJ

If you haven't seen, there's a page before this one c:
Hey Guys! Q u Q
Told you i'd update again right? ^^;
Though I have to tell you I have been in the biggest art slump ever lately and drawing is becoming a chore even though I want to do it REALLY REALLY badly Q A Q sobsob, but I managed to get yall another page! I'm actually pretty excited for the next page Q u Q
Please stick around! ^^ <3333
Woohooo~! An update!
Sorry for the Delay, was just workin' on some comics/doujinshi that are now up for sale! If you're interested. go to my website and read the journal if you're interested! c:
I can't wait to get Sebastian in this comic * u *
February 15th, 2011
OKAY! Here's the dealio
The updates will be SPURATIC as HEEELLL~ I will update when I can. I was struggling to update but Antares helped me get pumped XD Yall can thank her for that.

ALSO! I want to thank YALL! Oh man oh man, I didnt realize how much yall liked this comic Q A Q I cant even begin to explain how much you guys touched my heart Q _ Q I have such lovely friends and fans like you guys I want to cry! Q_________________Q Yall are just the most epicly awesome people ever, I just want you to know that. I read every comment clearly and carefully and just wow..Seriously you guys..I love you Q///A///Q *choked up*

But oh gosh! HHHH SPAAADEESSS, Why does your craziness attract me so?? @ A @ HHHHHHH The fifth panel, idk, something about it is just so hot to me @///u///@ oh yes~ <33333333
Gosh, I dont know how you can make such kickass pages and not go crazy! I just stare at them in amazement and my brain goes numb! @//0//@ Onoes Lala what will you dooooooooo~ :UUUUUU
OH GUH I had a big smile on my face the whole time I was reading this page! Spades u creeper, I want you to push ME up against the wall >:U *shoves Lala* the last panel is totally lovely! I adore Spade's creepy smile XD sdhjshkdjshfsk
I had a giggle fit when I saw spades and clapped my hands like a child D8 lol
Spppaaaddessss FFFFF *TOUCHTOUCHTOUCHTOUCHTOUCH* Love love LOOOVE this page!! he looks so scary! XD But mmmbooy i'd certainly tap that ass <333

the shading on him is so wonderful! Q A Q <33333333333
RIOT!!!!! URUUUUU!!! GAAAAAAAAAH!!! *shoves them out of the tree* I LOVE THEEEMM!!! Q///A///Q <333333333 They are so freaking cute!! > A < I dint expect to see them so soon so I squealed all happy like YAYAYAA~!! XD Those are some KICKASS trees by the way baby, like, I'd make love to those. So sexy <3333333
Baawww Lala~ let me help you insiiiide! *pats her cute tush* DOHOHOOHO * u * <3333
Yaaay~! she's almost inside all the waaay! XD ahahaa Awwhh I love the "UWAH!!" Panel, she's so adorable there XD <3333333
yaaaaaaaaay~!! * u * an update!! fffff arg your backgrounds are all so pretty!! Q A Q fuuuu no matter how simple they are they still look super detailed and KSDHGKJSGHKSDJHGSJ <3333333333 She's so brave to keep following that thing! XD
HOMMMGGGUUUUUUUHHHHHD!! SPAAADES!!! Q////A///Q <3333333 My heart is eating fast! * u * I love this page! It's so simple but so awesome and mysteeerriious-like~!<33333333 Great job bb! c: I know it must had been difficult finishing a page with family over Q u Q But it's awesome that you did! I'm so excited!! Q//u//Q <3333
This page looks great darl~! <333 Totally worth the wait!! *_______* I love it! GO LALA, GO THROUGH THE HOLE 8D I would~!
I could tell thats a tree root bb! c:
BTW, idk y, but I'm in LOVE with that..demon..ghost...thingy that took her bag XD Its just really adorable to me! Its so tired poor thing XD lol <3333

I hope your computer stops being fail soon Q A Q aaauugh you probably just have some viruses bb Q A Q
December 14th, 2010
Aaawwwwh Q A Q poor guy!!!!
PSSSHHH WHAT. NO WAY NO WAY! *holds your hand* Lets just get popular together~!! c: <33333333333333333333333

Oh man bb > A > I bet! Idk though, to me EVERY architecture is a pain in the ass XD I guess I'm just not a fan of straight lines and squares XD lol
You actually have FUN drawing buildings?? D8 What?? Giiirl~ You crazy~.

I love these pages man! Lala so cute! I'd probably be scared shitless XD Aaaahhh lala you're so cute UBUUUUU~! Q///3///Q *stalks her when she goes to school too* ( * w * )

Ur so pro bb!! Q//u//Q Remember me when you're all famous and stuff! Q A Q guh!
December 5th, 2010
oh! i just found this comic today and I'm loving it! it's very interesting!! ^^ <3333 I cant wait to see what happens next~!
WOOooooahh did NOT see that coming! XD I was always thinking to myself that he was really pale XD aawww, but he's beautiful c: Im also surprised at Sergio's reaction XD super cute! Keep it up you two! I'm liking this roll your on with these pages! XD <33333