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Mehehe. The only element missing from her attire are the Balthasar colours and a turban for her look to mirror Kane's outfit when Castalia and a certain debonair masked stranger first met on the island... she was sneaking away back then as well ^_^
Oh the irony
When I read Benedetta's words in the bottom panel here and remember&compare a rather similar sentiment in the second top panel from the epilogue of the first published TPB arc
I end up loving this comic and these characters more and more. They're both different and similar. They're both trying to forge their way for a better and fairer world. They're both right and wrong as they clash in how to achieve their goals. In a nutshell: they're so very human.
And in enjoying such storytelling as this we're oh so very blessed. I can never thank you enough for your work and for sharing it with us so generously Deda.
Aah that gorgeous gravity-defying cleavage in that impossible dress :,D
Aaah that stupid gourgeous man.
Aaah landing a kinda Renaissance dream life... show us the artistic chops you learned in your youth, oh Grinning One 83.
I Like Everything :,)
AAAAAAAAAAAHHH <3 ^____^ V*____*V
Just five minutes? :,D
Anyway... this page is the pretty.
I'm reminded of Castalia's gift for ninja-ing Kane... as *she* came through *his* window.
Gotta love his Peach Face :>.
P.S.: where is he stepping backwards to? He's going to tumble in their room at that pace (ha!)
Peaches! *_*
Is that bad I'm anticipating a 'come to Mama' moment here? :,D
- And voilĂ  the tattoo spreads to her neck and arms. It's a thing of awesomeness *_*
- Recycling and scraps? Gotta love an ecopirate...
- For all the wealth of great facial expressions in this page I can't stop staring at Circe's face in the bottom left panel here. Ahah. I'm almost tempted to pat her shoulder.
- Aaand the tattoo is back! <3
- And so is Gemma. Uh-oh.
- Kane... response not reaction next time? :p
Gotta love the dramatic cape swirl *_*
Touch the performer: no-no
Ruin the body art: no-no
Kane to the rescue: oh <3 :,) . But I have this odd feeling Circe's smile seen earlier is gonna grew broader as result...
*___* Pirate Salomè?
Gotta love the body art too.
*pinch pinch*
disco ball! shallala <3! love handles! tummy pillow :Q___ !
eeebil kiddo XD!
So much DinDin top goodness per square meter :,D. Bring the news Colapesce, bring'em! 8D

Also... aw that priceless Wes-Kes interaction.
Revelation tease! *W*
Oh Tirzah I'm so prot of you.
Pifo in serios stylist business mode: X,D.
The return of gentle/gentile mwahaha 8D.