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Iced Milk
WOW, I haven't been here in years.
Uuah, don't pass out there, Doc. Call me sadistic but I'm loving all of the chewing out.
My first reaction was laughter, and then it was "I wish I had a bra like Herz's... :I".
Wait, are they pointing to the last panel?
I agree with others, the third panel is awesome, reminds me of a muppet. xD
Herz, you're so lovingly dorky. = 3=
I like the art style, I'd love to follow this and see where it goes.
For some reason, I'm starting to like Eila's mom, and Jameson is so adorable.

On my opinion of Paradox so far, I really want to see where the story is going and more about Eila's past. I'm fine with a gratuitous grope now and again, as long as you don't make anything like "Oh, we bumped into each other, we must be star-crossed lovers.", I'm good with anything you want to do.
Payton, don't cry, you'll missing the awesome fireworks if you do.

I like how he just touched it and it exploded, good job Jock.
I fear I know what's coming. D> *On edge of seat*
Oh my goodness, back before I got an account I started reading this comic when it first started and I LOVED it. And then I lost the name on the August hiatus...I'm SO glad I started reading Glass Hearts, I found this wonderful work again.
/creepo rambling
I don't think there's any escape, hun.
I'm in love with the caterpillar outfit, I'd wear it in a heartbeat.
Anything but Beige, my brain keeps coming up with that name. >I
Aaaaaah, can't wait to know what happens next. Great work~
Mmm, hotdogs~ /stab'd
I totally didn't just think of Mother 3 when I read the name Luke and the character reminded me of Flint. /geeksob

I have never listened to this song but your comic is damned well tempting me too, must...resist...
Haha, poor guy, I'd react the same way.
Oh man, what is that delectable smell? Smells like there's a riot brewing, I'll get a pitchfork~
In my mind I squeaked a bit because I saw the banner change, haha.
EDIT: I'm a moron, sorry. orz
Tommy + Philosophical talk = my mind blown. I had to re-read over what he said, makes me feel like an idiot now. ,_,
Internet hugs for thee~
Ah, headache for three weeks, I hope it's nothing serious. D: I hope you get better soon.
Good work as always, I love this page~
Almost just as awkward as walking in on "private time"...
Quick Antoinette, put a finger in Mathan's wound and twist it. That'll stop him from being so smug. >I
Edit: Hopefully you don't burn yourself out from stressing over the comic, take as much time as you want.
I'm so sorry in advance. orz
"Now rub his back slowly...Yes, just like that.."

FFFFDem questions and answers! Too bad I missed this, I would've loved to join in on the Pepper bashing, but once in a while the poor thing needs a hug/break fromthemindblowingsex.
I'm in favor with everyone else who said they'd tap that. I knew short hair would fit him! \o/