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Not just the guy.. All of the people looks 2D as well..
YES to the printed version! I will gladly purchase one!

I've been following TPB daily since.. 2010? I discover the comic from elianthos recommendation XD
It's been a long, but wonderful and exciting journey following the ups and down of this tale. Thank you Deda for all the hard work!

Btw, I was wondering, will Dora ever remember her son?
Circe looks so sad and lonely..

Anyway, that's Baby Balthasar in her tummy! So probably Baby B =D

Kane didn't get to go through the pregnancy journey with Castalia when she was pregnant with Cosimo. So this is a totally new experience for him! What fun awaits!
Ah.. The curiosities really cleared a lot of the questions I had.
Poor Kaneā€¦ Facing 2 startling matters in a short time. How traumatising and cruel...
That gesture!
Details, they're like fleas on a cow's ass XD
Did she remember something?!
The suspense!
Is he nervous? Tired? Or are those dark circles o_O?
5 years! What an achievement. Happy anniversary! Thank you for all the hard work and effort.
The Pirate Balthasar has been a staple source of entertainment for me and I'm so glad that I discovered this tale and that it's still going on strong =)
Seriously Circes is creepy like hell.
1st I thought she was obsessive, scary, then funny.
And now she's psycho.
Absolutely adorable!!!
I love <3 them together so much!!
Yay! I missed you!!
I hope your vacation was enjoyable and you had a good time to rest =)

Seriously, out of so many pages of The Pirate Balthasar, this is the one time I'm at a loss for words...
OMG... It that Circes's chain I see? O_O
That facial expression is starting to creep me out a lil XD

I noticed a small grammar mistake.

I think the 1st panel should say: It consists "of" being constantly punished.
Woah eerie.. That book must be cursed!
Maybe that's why she's so dense. Reading that book so many times may have had a toll on her mentally.
I love his curly whirly hair flip and his baby blues!

Its so cute that he would give up his Mummy time to patiently wait for his Daddy's company =D

I foresee that Itzak's yearning for his Froggy's attention may cause some interruption between Wesley & Kes kissy time when Wesley returns XD
Love at 1st sight for Kane!
Cosimo is so adorable!! I can almost see the little gears turning inside of his head as he tries to process who Kane is XD