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February 17th, 2014
Ito just break down and tell him how much you love and need him!!! ugg please Kenzo don't leave him!!!!!
November 11th, 2013
>W< yay update
Go back to your dark place shadoweater >>
he better not blow him off
hate the suspense can't wait
I think someone he wants to avoid is gonna bump into him soon......
I must say AKi looks older in this page (i know it's been 6 months) but still he does look older
Why do I have a feeling the Aki is going to leave the hospital before they can come and get him
aww cute! I hope Kaidou doesn't avoid Aki when he picks him up
Crimson...don't you let Aki die........
and that bang was Aki grabbing the Bat and saying 'Nope done being a punching bag, eat wood asshole" (that's what i see in my mind)
ahhh need....more....please!!!....T_T I don't wanna wait till tomorrow to find out what happens *crys forever*
yay happy you got your comp fixed
ah i love the face he's making in the bottom panel *goosebumps*
Katio i know why you did it but no good, but this is just another trial that their love must go over.

I believe you Crimson things have a path they must follow first
please talk to him need more sexy rp love
after Kaido and Aki get back home i demand kisses and hugs!!!
I hope that Aki doesn't get hurt for cutting that guy :<