Okay so it's obvious that I haven't uploaded anything in a long time. I'm a biiiit more active on Deviantart, but I don't have many fans so I don't think this'll help any. Anyway, planning on starting up an old comic of mine soon, with redesigned characters and a better beginning to the story. Hope it turns out well!
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These utter cuties <3
A beautiful comic and a beautiful ending! I loved it all so much and I'm so glad it had a good ending! ;3; These babes are so wonderful, and you're an amazing artist and person! Can't wait to see more of your work! <3 Thank you so much for this!
Omg I loved it <3 Too cute!
I fucking love Sooch's reaction omg <3 Love these two to death and back!
Oh my gosh I can't wait till the next page! <3
Oh my gosh I need more of these two <3
I fucking love these two <3
Yaaaay! :D This page looks just amazing, so don't worry! I'm so excited!
@ohcaptain: I know I can't wait for the second season of Haikyuu! I neeeeed it!
Welcome back :D I missed updates on this comic so much TwT
I am literally squealing. <3 I love these two so dang much. I have reread this comic 4 times while I wait for your updates TwT You make me so happy <3 These two are the cutest!
So cute! <3
I assume if Takeshi is into that kind of... stuff... then there's probably a possibility he'd be way into all of the mirrors? XD Some people really like doin it with a ton of mirrors around.
Oh my gosh I love this comic so much! It made my day when I found it (just two days ago)! It's made me laugh and I love these two together so much! :D Also, amazing art style!
I neeeeddd mooooorrreee <3
Yay! :D I'm so glad to see this page! ^^ I'm glad that you'll continue the comic, and I'll be a loyal follower throughout it all! Hope all goes well for you!
Saw this while scrolling through my faves. Saw it 3 months ago but gonna let you know again that I definitely will wait for this comic! I love it dearly and I don't care how long it takes! ^^ Your personal life comes first! <3
Joas ears hnnnnng <3 They're both so cute <3
I really... really... really love this comic. He is by far one of my favorite comic characters. I would love him ;___;