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Gen the Fox.
Matt the fox
Fusion Kirby
Shadow Addie

Samurai pizza hegehog
Fiora Aruora

Credit to where credit belongs with current avi.
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Everyone is fighting antis Blaze, you are one of the people stuck in the anti-world.
Your councience is evil since you troll alot.
May I try a little alt :3
Yep, it was a girl from Roy's school. Died by spinal cancer.
If any of you guys noticed, I left the comic because I have some comics that need work on and this comic doesn't seem like I'll have to update a while, plus I'm stressed out with updating here so when the stress is gone can I be invited back?
Hunger Game rip off much?
I'm watching Black Butler, IT'S ADDICTING!! X3
It's my first solo comic, it's just a typical Sonic Comic. But viewers will be appreciated

SWEET! Are they dead? Oh and save .png nezxt time :3
You just did a lenghty explanation.
LOL, same thing what I thought when I saw the video.
Wow I'm late, this is aactually amazing but why is her hair like that?
WHAT ARE YOU ALL TALKING AV\BOUT!!! IT'S THE BEST SPRITE EVER!! Nah jk, my head, eyes, whatever I have left is still exploding...
It's a new comic I'm making, I don't care if there's a lot of Sonic comics out there, I want to make on also, and here a Shameless add ;-;

So sad, I'll do the blue thing also, I can't believe she died, was she very loved at school?