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Ultimate Yoshi
Hey there, Ultimate Yoshi here! Welcome to my Smack Jeeves user profile. Here is a very eloquent description of me: I do stuff.

What stuff might that be? Well, I make comics, obviously, cause why else would one be on Smack Jeeves? What is this 'reading other comics' you speak of and why do you bring it up? I also review comics but some people dislike me for that, so view that as you will.

I'm a huge fan of video games, more specifically Nintendo games, though I do deviate a bit from them on occasion. Some favorite series of mine include: Kirby, Yoshi, Pikmin, Mega Man, Spyro, Super Smash Bros., and Mario. I also like Pokemon but I'm horrible at it.

I do Let's Plays on YouTube of all sorts of games. Go check them out at my YouTube channel, UltiYoshi, if you're interested.

I've also moved a new account: Ultizeta. Check that out instead of this one.
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Is the hiatus for Kirby Adventure over? Eh... probably. I really can't guarantee when this comic will get updates, but it's better to consider it as a "it can update at any moment!" rather than "it's not gonna update at all for this period of time" thing. I can't predict the future, after all.

Either way, the event that's been being built up for the near entirety of Chapter 4 is finally almost here! I'm sure that segment name means absolutely nothing.

Anyways, there's actually a big reason why I chose to make a new update, and it wasn't to end the hiatus or because I actually felt like making a new page.

No, it was so that I had a good excuse to put out some important news regarding me and my account here.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Or if you don't care about watching a video, here's the TL;DW version:
I'm changing my username on the web from Ultimate Yoshi to Ultizeta, because I don't want to be directly connected to an IP that isn't mine (Yoshi).
This means that here on Smack Jeeves, I'll be making a new account that will be added as an author to the majority of my comics. This includes Shards of Krino, Ulti Reviews, and Yoshi & Kirby.

Really, in the end, it doesn't affect my comics at all, I'll still be working on all the ones that are unfinished and are worth finishing, it's just worth noting that people don't get incredibly confused.

In the end, though, that's all I have to say for now. I've been Ultimate Yoshi, and I'm signing out for good.
It was a close command choice, but in the end, running away was the winning vote.

Also, important news! Not necessarily for Shards of Krino itself, but for me! After about 8 months of planning, I'm finally going through with an idea I had: I'm changing my online username!

As far as comicing goes, this is going to change nothing except for the fact that I'll be using a new account under a different name. It doesn't affect much, but it's definitely something that should be known so people aren't all like "What the heck is going on, who is this Ultizeta guy?!" So yeah! That's all!
The "crick" sound effect just makes me think that you have to twist the neck to get it to say the time.

I have a very gruesome imagination.
So, do Damaru and Silverado not recognize Két yet?

Also, I agree with the above in that it's probably for the best to relax for the week and keep your buffer for later.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
The roach isn't important. The roach was never important. You guys tried to make it important. So I had it eaten. Problem solved.
Ultimate Yoshi
September 23rd, 2015
I look forward to whatever content you put out next.
What have I done
@Shard: It's called suspension of disbelief.
Huh... that seems a bit weird to me. Like, I get the concept of her not being able to see things that happen off-panel when she's not actually in the page, but here, she's *in* this setting. Shouldn't she have recollection of what's in-between panels if she's still physically there for those events?
He idoontified the victim.

Cause he's a Doo.

Get it?


I'd rather just believe that Turbo went so fast he went into the future and that's how he learned this stuff.
Everyone wanted Zijol to have a helmet. In the future that'd certainly be possible (heck, he looks adorable trying to put this one on), but taking one meant for humans would never reasonably work when you're a lizard. I'd imagine the scales alone would throw it off, not to mention the completely different head shape. That's the problem with being unconventional.
It's "innocent before proven guilty", Keeby. So far, the one witness's account proves nothing except that she was found at the crime scene, so you shouldn't be this quick to judge.

Then again, he hasn't had prosecution experience, so who can really blame him.
Ultimate Yoshi
September 19th, 2015
I like how Dr. Light still dramatically flings open both doors.
It's a shame this comic doesn't rely on game logic, otherwise this unseen victim would've just respawned.
I like being mean to Zijol.
Ultimate Yoshi
September 17th, 2015
At least Berry is picking up Arienna's slack in the politeness department.