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You should have given him a gun and made him like Shadow the Hedgehog. Now THAT would be gimmicky.
In Pearl (and later Platinum), I named my rival Cooper. In Emerald, I named her May, obviously, and in SoulSilver, I named him Gold (with myself named Silver).

I also did a tiny boredom run that didn't go very long after naming before I turned it off where I named him Douche.
I want a Ma-assasinate.
Solution: Mew is Arceus's son.

At the time, Arceus, and probably Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina, weren't known yet. Presumably they came before Mew, however, since Arceus created the universe, then Dialga and Palkia created time and space (or Arceus did and empowered them to watch over time and space), and Giratina created dimensions (possibly the same deal as with Palkia and Dialga).

So this means that the people of the Pokemon world should celebrate Mewmas! ^_^
I got a shiny Beldum off of the GTS once... but due to some things like it's level and where it was caught, I'm pretty sure it was hacked (level 3 at route 202? whaaaaa). Stats seem normal though.
Oh joy, Mary and Bitzy on the same team? That won't end well.
February 19th, 2010
Hey, STP, I have a question.

You've slowing been moving through the Sonic 3 zones, one by one. However, seeing as Launch Base Zone is the last one in Sonic 3... what do you do after that? Sonic and Knuckles? And even then, what happens if you eventually make it through those zones, too?

Just a thought.
It is blue... and that's the problem.

Here, I've got a picture for you of what it looks like.

Having the text the same color as the background isn't exactly convenient...
Possibly Xeroth. Also it seems the story of SAVIOR, while being based off of that of Sprite Life, is not identical. How interesting.

Also, I want to say that it is REALLY hard to see the "next" button on this page layout. It's nearly invisible.
Alright, thanks.
Where can I find the application for SFC7? You said to SonicBoom01 that they were open, but I don't know where to go to actually do anything about it.
Tails = good.

Also, nice to see that some of Sprite Life is canon.

Now I would like to ask: Is it ALL canon, or only some of it?
Good job with the capitalization on the lost Woods, I mean the Lost woods, er, whichever it is.
February 5th, 2010
@Majin Tobias
Would that be the same Gatemaster from Or someone else?