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sore wa chigau yo
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I always wondered too when this comic would end, and I agree this is a good time. I know you made them for yourself, but thank you for the comics David.
I've actually been reading them since your 5th one. I've been reading them since 9th grade and now im on my way to my 2nd year of college, so ive literally grown with your comic and its so reminiscent and touching to read your last words. I never commented much (prob 3 times) but I always checked almost every day to see if you posted, on good days and bad, and I wish you the best from now on. Like you said, the ending of this comic marks a new stage of life for us (well, not your exact words I mean you just said we now could spend time on something new haha, but still) and i'm excited for the rest of your life too, whatever happens I wish you the best, I wish you the happiest.

Have a nice life David ^_^ I learned alot from your words-I grew with your comic.
Goodbye and thank you.
oh my gosh so cute! ;w ;
Congrats to both you and Bernard!
This was such a funny comic lol :D Miriam and Conner were definitely cute kids
Have a great vacation~ :)
Hmm, sorry if this is coming out of nowhere-but have you ever thought that you just have a pretty face?
Maybe when you had long hair-it sheilded your face more and made you blend in with other women, but now that you cut your hair (and women who have short hair styles get more attention than girls with long)men can see your face more clearly, spot you out more, and see how pretty you are :- PP
doesnt excuse how gross their being though > - < ugh, you can do it!!
I'm interested in purchasing one . w . An Ashes bookmark yess (I would buy a snow white also but if my parents saw that they'd look at me weird @ w @ ;; I want it, though! )
Mine was fine :-) My entire family from Africa came for the holidays-and it was crazy and there were a few fights but it ended up well. I was sick almost the entire time while everyone went to Orlando to go to theme parks haha. Nice to hear yours went well ^ - ^ !
Have a nice holiday season! :- )
my whole life has lead up to this moment LOL. im so excited! I bet they all look lovely ; w ;
Its nice to see the flow of comics again about your current life. I really enjoyed that series about your history, and now im excited again to hear how everyones been doing lately haha (Brad looks nice when you draw him in glasses!).
I have a few friends obsessed with Free!. Yeah its basically a fanservice anime haha. My 35 year old mom has that poster in her room...I can kind of see why Miriam got so emotional ; v ; fangirl things
Im rooting for April and Caroline ^ - ^ They're both so cute and sweet <3
Oh man, I always get so anxious at race parts of contests. All those people running for the same thing in an closed space?? Someones bound to get hurt or mowed
> x <;; !
Be careful not to rip the clothes, girls!
Everything about this comic is just too cute and so interesting! (/ 7 \) I cant say much since its only the eighth page but im totally looking forward to what happens next! Keep up the good work!
Oh my gosh I am so excited for the next paaaagggeee ; v ; I love this comic so much-the inking is so neat and gorgeous, the paneling is very flowing and easy to understand, oh oh and I have fallen in love with nearly all the characters so far oh gosh~
(especially that creepy cutie in the 1st/2nd panel ; w ; )
Keep up the good work! d(^ 3 I)=b <3
Wow, this is just a really funny/sad way to end a story-in my opinion, it would be nice to end this story here and begin a new one.
This ending leaves a lot of open ended questions like "omg what about her friends" and "omg so is she going to officialy forget about the other 2 boys??" However, this ending is quite humorous- it makes it seem like the story didnt end tragically after all.
Either way, this is a nice end. Plus, you could continue it later anyway-or even tie it in with your new story! ^ q ^ Good work!
The minute I saw the first panel I knew this comic was going to make me sad :-( What a great brother. Brad was loved. Oh and he still is now-of course. d(^ - ^)b No matter what Brad-just know that your not alone! Your still loved- and I am sorry for your loss.
Thank you for the awesome comic as usual, David. :-)
December 9th, 2012
PFF WOW I don't think Jason knows what he's saying he's just going with the flow of things x'DD
jesus christ it took me like 5 whole minutes to understand what they were saying, though. God dammit i'm black I should have been fluent in street slang by now.
Also, doki doki. Jason is beginning to turn into a kawaii school girl confessing to her sempai (ok I will shut up now)
Wow I love this comic way too much
like, the art is nice and the characters are humorous and well-written
and the plot is kind of easy to understand
and like, the paneling
and oh my gosh everything is so nice ;-;
(Keep up the good work!)
Oh no no, I bet she is going to do something meannn!! >o<

What don't you get...? ._.;;
waaah I love this comic so much I cant wait to see what happens next ;-;