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No I'm not a girl, stop thinking I'm one.
Holy shit!
It's been a while Saru.

For the sprites, I still haven't completely done the sprite sheet. I'm sorta making the poses as I need them. The one thing I needed the most was another standing sprite. Most of the time I only had the standing sprite you see in the sixth panel and the surprised one in the fifth. Now I have that other one in the first and third panel. Granted 3 standing poses still isn't much, but with an action comic like this, one more sprite makes a difference. Now I need to make back sprites.

@GalaxyTH: Haha. My Floatzel knew Ice Beam which proved helpful against Cynthia's Garchomp too. I would've taught it Blizzard had it not been for the fact that Blizzard misses too much. My Floatzel was faster than Garchomp, so it always attacked first. In the end though, her Garchomp wasn't the one that gave me trouble. It was her Togekiss. If I used Electabuzz against it it would hurl an Aura Sphere which did good damage against it. If I used Umbreon it would also hurl an Aura Sphere which is Super Effective. If I used Floatzel it has Shock Wave which is also Super Effective against Floatzel. Against Infernape it has Water Pulse and Air Slash. If I used Gliscor it had Water Pulse again. Gardevoir was the only one it didn't have any advantages over and even then it was a bitch to take down. Her last Pokemon was Lucario. My Infernape took care of it, I would've been dead if it hadn't already used up its Extremespeeds.

In other news, I caught a level 84 Magikarp at the Resort Area. I was laughing so hard. Now I have a level 85 Gyarados. It's attacks are: Tackle, Flail and........SPLASH!
Y'know, it took me exactly a month to make another update. The reason? Just plain laziness on my part. Sorry about that. I've been getting distracted by anime and video games and my time has been drained.

There are two games I started playing recently and just finished. The first one is The World Ends With You which I just beat for the third time. The second one would be Platinum which I started playing about 3 months ago and dropped it at around the first Gym and recently picked it up.

All in all, it's definitely better than Diamond and Pearl was. Not like those weren't bad, hell anything looks good after the abomination that was the third generation. But Platinum corrected some of the flaws Diamond and Pearl had and made it much more enjoyable. The changes in the storyline were also for the better. Definitely one of my favorite Pokemon games.

Anyway, here's my current roster. Surprisingly I beat the elite four with this, despite the fact my party's completely underleveled:

Infernape m Lv. 56: Not my favorite starter, but I guess he has his merits.
Floatzel f Lv. 52
Gardevoir f Lv. 50
Gliscor m Lv. 51
Electabuzz m Lv. 51

And my absolute favorite

Umbreon m Lv 53. Seriously it's a fucking tank. It has an awesome defense and always pulled through in tough situations.

Now for stuff I hate: Any and all attacks that cause confusion, the fact that the Elite Four got critical hits in the most crucial of times (I'm not kidding here) and well, you should get the general idea.

Now for the comic. Don't you love their interactions?

I'll be talking about TWEWY on my next post since I didn't get to do so the first time around.

In other news, new avatar. Props to whoever correctly guessed the character in the avatar.

(Yes I'm a guy, stop thinking I'm a girl.)
^I lol'd.

+3 to your awesomeness.
And We're Back to That Fight
So how will Riku react to that? Find out whenever I decide to upload the next page. I've been getting lazy. Sorry about that. Eden of the East distracted me for a good week orso. I'm not gonna promise I'm gonna update this week regularly because I end up not doing so.

As for the comic itself, you can see a bit of hinting at Cloud's past. A lot of it will be a major key point in the comic later on. You'll be seeing some of it by the end of the chapter.

The fight continues here for a bit more.

In other news, death sure is collecting its toll around Hollywood. I'm starting to suspect a Death Note.
It's a new character.
Meet Cid. While he's not gonna be a very important character, he'll be popping up every now and then. He's probably one of the few people that's familiar with Cloud's past.

So, my bad for not updating last week. I was working on those Kanares sprites. I'm a bit guilty for lolprocrastinating.

The reason I cut back to Cloud is because I'm still working on those sprites. Yep, lolprocrastination.

In other news, I now have as many fans as I have actual comic pages here on Smack Jeeves. That's somewhat of an accomplishment. Thanks guys.
No update this week.

I've been working on them Kanares sprites. Updates should go back to normal next week.

Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing myself.

I completely forgot about the fact that this comic was also on TWC. But then again, I placed more emphasis on BuzzComix back when it was still alive. I think I even managed to swipe the #1 spot in Pixel Art comics one time and 135 orso in overall which was somewhat of a feat. BuzzComix's long gone though :[

Come July, I'll try my hand at TWC again.

And yeah, I'm pretty sure Kanares is pronounced like that.
Look! There's more!
I told you guys the action was far from over. Now you know who's controlling them. Yep, the same guy who's in th is comic. What's he doing there? Simply toying with our guys. Except they don't know it.

Also, I started using those new Kanares sprites. I still haven't finished the entire sheet. I still need to work on some shading issues here and there. Still though, they're a lot better than what I was working with.

Now then, this battle here is gonna test Riku and Kanares as a team. Even though they don't really get along that well, they might make a good team if they work together for the same goal. We'll see how that adds up. This fight is really long btw. I'll be adding a couple of twists here and there to make it interesting. Just wait and see ;O

Also, moved the cover page to the beginning of the archives. Click the first comic button to see it.
No actual comic today. I'm doing some experimenting here and there.

So instead, I decided to upload this which I made a couple of days ago in case a situation happenned where I couldn't make a page.

Most comics have their pages divided by chapters and make cover pages for each one. I'm jumping on the bandwagon and doing that too. So here's the Cover Page even if it's 3 years late. It shows most of the characters thus far. And you also get to see the new Kanares sprite.

All in all, it came out alright.
Cloud is such a jackass
And with that, exposition is over. Look forward to getting back to Riku and Kanares next page.

Sora's last lines in this page are important. So far, Cloud has been a complete enigma. That's going to change soon. Even though he comes across as an uncaring and emotionless jackass, he's more of a complex character than you may think.

Now that Sora's in charge of the hideout, he won't be able to help out Kanares and Riku if they get into danger again. Unless he defies orders >_>
Look Kids, it's stuff you already know about if you've played Kingdom Hearts!
Expository comic. As mentioned above, if you've played Kingdom Hearts you probably know about this already. I changed some stuff here and there but basically it's the same thing.

Next comic may reveal something crucial to the plot.

In other news, E3 this year was pretty good. Looking forward to some of the titles announced like Golden Sun DS, Assasin's Creed 2, Metroid: Other M and Mario Galaxy 2.
Yep. It's not meant to be that way though.

That's one of many reasons why I'm making new Kanares sprites. When using transparency, some parts of his hair and eyes go transparent too.

Speaking of Kanares sprites, I've made a couple in the last few days. Hopefully I can finish most of the necessary poses before I decide to show him again.

@Real: Thanks for the fave and for reading.
Yeah new page, blah blah.

Too lazy to make up author notes.

FYI, yes the blood is supposed to be gone.
Yeah, ragingoblivion pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Sora got his clothes change in the first chapter when he joined Cloud. Riku on the other hand hasn't been given one because:

a) As ragingoblivion pointed out his sprites have a Keyblade but that can simply be solved by replacing said Keyblade with the Soul Eater. Just too much of a pain.

b) KH1 Riku has more standing poses to work with such as backsprites and the like. Not to mention walking poses instead of running.

Basically it's a matter of convenience. Though he'll still get an outfit change soon.
@TCF: Yeah his arm is just hidden. You can see a bit of his arm but it's barely noticeable so I didn't bother to put blood on it.
Now You Know...Somewhat
Yeah not much to say. Text heavy comic is text heavy. Next one is even more text heavy.

A bit late in uploading this, got sidetracked numerous times.

In other news I started working on the new Kanares sprites. I've only made one pose and that's the idle pose. Anyway here it is. I decided to forget about the thing about his hair being black with strands of gray and just kept it black with a grayish tone. Kanares is property of Saru, if he ever decides to come back again he can feel free to use them. Likewise if you wanna use his sprites you're gonna have to ask him.

That's all for now.
Y'know, I recall talking to you on MSN a while back saying I updated after a year or so of Hiatus and that it was your turn.

After that you jokingly remarked that in that case I should let you take a whole year off too. It's almost time Kengo!
BAM! Three updates in one week.
I'm starting to get back in the habit. Alright, from here on out I'm gonna TRY to keep a Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule. Just like when I first started out.

This page took me a while to make. Due to all the effects and editing. In the end, I'm quite pleased with how it came out.

See? Riku can be nice if he wants to. This is just an action intermission kind of thing. Explanations in the next 2-3 comics followed by even more action and somewhat of a climax. This chapter is 1/4 almost 1/2 done. It's the longest chapter since it's the one that introduces most of the major plot points and characters. Hold on tight.
So, as expected, Riku gets saved. But by the person you would've least expected. You're probably thinking: "Wait, how? Doesn't Kanares hate Riku?". Well yeah, but trust me, everything will be explained around the next few pages or so.

Fun fact, if you counted right last page, you'll notice Kanares didn't get all of the Heartless. Granted two heartless isn't anything to be shocked about though.

The action's far from over though. It's barely begun.

Anyway, I really need to start to work on some new Kanares sprites. If Saru ever decides to continue his comic again he can feel free to use them. Seeing as though I'm zooming in more now in pages, the sprites look terrible. Guess I'll have to start them from scratch.

For the page in general, yeah I know the positioning is inconsistent. But I figured why the hell bother since they were gonna be exterminated shortly thereafter. And yeah that SFX at the end was the best one I could come up with for a stab.

Next update should be Friday if all goes well.