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My name is Spyke the hedgehog I like the colors black and red. I like metal and hard rock music. My favorite instrument is the Electric Guitar even though I can't play it..I'm a grammar freak and I make alot of movies...
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Looks pretty much the same but its different enough, good job
I gave you guys permissions a long time ago...
Back from the dead?

I have reurned to Smackjeeves once again and I will continue to update more..
rofl more vomit XD
Hey, awesome comics, I started reading them today! I faved so quickly XD!

Keep updating!
5 updates in 1 day?! Thats awesome. But this'll be enough for today

Thanks Copa, for your help!
heh, see Copa saw that I was gonna end Sonic Advanced but he wanted to keep it going so I let him.

Why not, right? Let's have another shot at this comic!
Probably the last strip
Hey everyone this is probably the last strip for the comic Sonic Advanced. Most of you probably don't really care seeing how this comic never really went anywhere. But I guess it did help me improve in comic making.

The jokes sucked and there was never a plot, just random boring crap that stood in my way blocking me from doing more important things.

In the comic you see we were advertising a comic called Game Over, it is real and you can find it here:

Thats the link to the first one, only me and SmoothJake are working on it so don't apply to be an author. We haven't updated on it for a while because well we've been hitting some bumps but we're planning to get somewhere with that one, atleast farther than we did with this one.

For those who actually enjoyed this comic, if there were any, then I'm just gonna say we might start updating this one again but the chances are slim and none.
Seems interesting and I migth join but it sounds too confusing to be an author comic to me...
Whats up with Tails's head?

Also try to make the panels the same size, try to make the sprites look better cause they look pretty weird.

Other than that its not bad.
Time paradox
Ok uh.. Ligtning...

I'm guessing that this is your first comic, and its fine if you don't do amazing right when you start off. But if people give you advice you should take it.

I wasn't the best when I started off and I'm not that great now, I bet, but I've improved a lot. I also see that you are slightly improving, which is a good thing.

But please, follow Limes advice!
Don't diss the spinach
December 13th, 2008
This already sounds epic as hell
The book of epic proportions
Panel 5 and 6 ftw
December 13th, 2008

A true masterpeice enters the world

"Isn't anyone putting it out?!"

And thanks for bringing me back, Razor! You're awesome!