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I'm Delia and i wanted to be here because i want to start a comic too and i think this is the best site for it :) Also i'm here to watch my friend's comic "A love bet" and others of course :D
My hobbies. Hmm, let's see, let's see...i like to draw, dance, sing, going out with my friends and more but i can't think of them now haha ^^;
Nice to meet you all <3
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awww <3
they're so cuteeee :D
i just love ur style!
cant wait for more ^w^


By the way, u can call me Deli if u want ;) hehe

It's me! selena-chann from deviant ;p
stopped by to tell u how awesome this comic is and how much i love it! <3
hope u'll like mine too when i'll post it ^w^ :))