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SPDark, I totally agree with you~! Manga ftw!

Also, I notice the "cast" page has been updated, and I love it! <3 Becca has her own section. And yes, Darrell's always in trouble~ <3
That is entirely cute~! :) I wonder what else she can steal... >:3
Oooh, more info into Julian's past. <3
OMG, Darrell's all like "Oh SHIT..." in the last two panels. I LOVE him!

Haha, there's something good idea for voting incentive! Darrell in his band uniform. :D
*squishes Darrell* He's!!
Aww, I want to hug her. Maybe Darrell should give her a hug too, for scaring her!
I think it's adorable how scared Darrell is. Not very 'manly' but cute, hee hee.

I must admit, I'm confused though. Julian seems to know her from before, yet the low price of the house suggests she's been there all along and haunting the place. Has Julian been in that house before?
OMG Darrell, you crazy whack! You know better than to go exploring creepy new houses on your own! Queue scary, suspenseful music. DUN DUN DUN....
This is where the axe murderer jumps out and hacks him to bits. ;-;
That or maybe a super cute kitty come to nom him to bits!
I thought I was logged in. :( Comment above is mine.
My first reaction when I tried smoking: That's it? How...boring.

I don't smoke now, by the way, lol. Alcohol however....
No way, lol. Julian's totally the wife of the two. Lookit him all worried and wondering where Darrell is. Taylor acts more like the TV-addicted hubby. Though in his case, it's computer-addicted. xD
It's haunted!! xD
Darrell on drums is like one hot mess of awesome! <3 *squishes him*
This means plot, right?! Colour?! *starts dissecting every layer of panel*
So who gets the couch? I wonder if you can call shotgun on the bed, lol.
This is why I love Darrell. I assume he did it unless Julian's brilliant and multi-tasking and drew on Taylor's face while he slept. xD Then again, perhaps they switched and Darrell was behind the wheel for a bit.

Also, I wish they'd given Taylor a unibrow. >:3
I wonder who gets to pick the music. xD
*huggles* That's okay. Not your fault. I just had a moral dilemma for the boys and I wanted to see how they'd each respond to the situation; get a little insight on them.
Also, the Ask the Cast section has a character limit. :( Can you make it larger so I can post a lengthy question?
Is it Friday yet? Almost 8pm in my zone, PST. And I know you're ahead of me by at least an hour or two. You always update before it's actually turned Mon, Wed or Fri for me.