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It's the jigglypuff from 20 years ago that wanted to take over an explorers guild.

...wait a minute.
Always enjoy an aussie reference.
Pull the lever, Kronk!!!
Here's a thought, Mewtwo's mega just ran out. What is another Pokemon - that can go transparent - who can Mega Evolve?

I'll give you a hint, It ain't Hoopa.
That scarf reminds me so much of Dominic Deegan.
@heliumsquid: That comes after the death in the kitchen. It goes hand in hand with asSalt
February 11th, 2016
@Guy: :p
@RazorD9: The bigger question is, how many of them are bugs?

Seriously, this is how bug trainers are made.
August 30th, 2015
Wasn't it previously stated that this was a D grade dungeon?
And so, we finally approach the opening sequence.
things are about to get wursa
I don't know about jiggy's original definition, but Jigger is a word with at least 30 definitions. these include a euphemism for mouth, back-door, breast, and the other two. It can get really confusing in the bedroom
Personally, i think this guy has the smarts to get out of this alive.

Next adventure
@miizj: Consider waiting on the Hoenn run, at least until Alpha and Omega

I regret nothing.
Who says death never does anything nice for anyone?
you must admit, a pistol to the head can be a compelling argument.
Knowing Steve, he could probably do great harm to that halo if he thought it wasn't telling him. therefore i think it's the former.
I love the smirk in the last panel. It promises lots of plot recapping that will be skipped.