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Things that go boom
I love food. I bake way too much. I don't like school. I hate drawing with a pen. And I like cookies.

That is all.
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    Future bomber
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oh god not the cake. I had a stomach ache for twenty minutes.

For those of you that are wondering, on Trish's birthday me and Trish ate half a chocolate cake. not a good idea
I swear I've seen that fox-lady person before....
that explains why his hair is so shiny
you guys are damn lucky.
California doesn't get fireflies.....
happy 200th comic!
is that supposed to me me? Or someone based off me?
Is it just me or does that saddle look a little weird? *squints at saddle*
some one hacked the customer records and stole names, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. So they crashed the internet while they do some random mumbo jumbo to figure out who was the master hacker behind all this. At least, that's what I heard.
Iavar has horseshoes? Somehow I don't see him standing still for the farrier XD
I better hide all my welcome mats.
The sad thing was when you tried to rick roll me, my computer shut down. What a coincidence.
that's gonna hurt in the morning.
I know 17 digits.
But it's probably wrong in some way.
I argue with myself through my friends puppet. It's a perfect excuse to deny that you're crazy.
You saw nothing at all. RIGHT?!?
Knowing Luna, I think she'll just leave Xan in confusion until someone else explains it.
I love the fourth panel! He's so cute..
congratulations, you have now blown the minds of everyone who reads this comic :)