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New comicses.
It's over
Stick a fork in this one guys, it's done. I threw some advertising at it and reader conversion was probably the worst I've ever seen. Unfortunately that tells me I need to move on. This is dire news for the 32 readers.... dire news indeed.
Thanks Mordekai. Means a lot when somethings just getting started.
The plot thickens
I have the feeling people will either love or hate the comic now that the pixel art is out.
New comic, go check it out.
It begins...
February 27th, 2012
Sailing to secret island
color Penny...
Enjoy. And I've been working at places like Zynga and EA, if you guys are really curious.
February 2nd, 2012
One a day.
One a day keeps the doctor away.
One a Day
One A Day
Well, now I'm moving over to Zynga and will be even busier... I am doing a Sci fi project with morikan coloring it, maybe i'll get a preview up.
I picked up a job at EA and immediately worked OT for a month straight... It'll be awhile till I have time for this again.
New Site!
New Site, go visit it. New page is up as well.