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I used to have an account called GrayxClaire here.
But I was inactive so I deleted it ' u ';;

I have a dA account if you guys are interested ยด v `
I'm not really good at making comics,
hopefully I'll improve.
I changed some of the pages, making her name Rhea Fujiwara. Because her old name was too weaboo-ish and had no meaning u v u;;
Sorry for the 2 year long hiatus!
I'm really busy with school ' A ';;

Me and my friend decided to work together in this and I've improved my drawing skills ; u ; My friend will help me now and then~

Thank you for your patience!
@anon: That's not art theft, that's called reference.
Know the different please u_u;;
This was unexpected eue;; Well for me |D
Nice pages as always~
LOL This is funny xD
@aolinae: ty~ ;u; Even though I just thought of something random lol;;


Sorry for the long wait guys;;
Been busy with projects and stuffs eue;;
I cell shade if I do pages...
She doesn't even have a name D: *needs to think of names*
I'm so stupid I haven't thought of names xDDD

I think I'm gonna be coloring every single page.
Yay 8DDD
Oh god this is so cute QAQ
You're just amazing
And I'm sorry guys ;_; I made a girl before I saw this, I should have made a boy instead I feel so blind :|
I'll post my character and try to post a comic :'3
Awww this comic is still as awesome as ever 8DD They're so adorable and and cute... that it hurts so much