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Fusion Kirby


Seriously I do.
'Eyy Cameo since the part I was in! OwO

EDIT: @Ultizeta: Have there been any stabs at the Anime in the comic, or have there not been?
Prepare for a horrifying adventure that may change your mind... make your emotions go all over the place...

Coming to RPG Maker VX Ace Players in 2016!
Prepare for a horrifying adventure that may change your mind... make your emotions go all over the place...

Coming to RPG Maker VX Ace Players in 2016!
Wow... I didn't notice that the severe lack of activity I had would make that big of an impact on the voting...

Yyyep, a Multi-Author Comic debate's going on inside my head! Each of these are comic ideas but I'd like support for either or.

SO! If you want either comic, just say either "Five Nights at Fusion's" or "Pokemon Rumble: Ultimate Tournament" and the comic with the same name will get a tally. Voting ends September 1st.

Now, for their descriptions:

Five Nights at Fusion's: A nightmare in a box, Fazbear Entertainment sold the rights to their signature endoskeletons to another pizza chain to keep them in business; thus introduces new animatronics. Those animatronics being YOU! Also, you can be a night guard.

Pokemon Rumble: The Ultimate Tournament comes back to the Toy Realm! To lower upon the character count; the Toy Pokemon you make can evolve, and you can only have three Toys, and Legendary Pokemon are NOT allowed.

There will be a post on one of the comics chosen within September 1st's week. This gives you a month and a half to vote!

Five Nights:
Pokemon Rumble:
I know I've been on a dry streak when it comes to updating, but I think that this sprite edit is my way of pouring more water into the well that I could drink from.

He WILL be able to be a part of a new multi-author comic I've been wanting to make, but, authors are needed.

By the title of this you might know what.
@Riskfan: True that. If Heavy fears the Pyro, then there's one solution- run.

@Fiora Aroura: I actually drew Pyro!Fusion. Probably not what you're gonna expect.
@Fiora Aroura: Yikes, doesn't make me feel safe around either.

At least Fiora's not gonna snipe or stab me as long as I'm on Red Team, right?

Also, I was considering Fusion Kirby being in "Super Form" for that (the Chaos Form instead of Puffball); So that he wouldn't be hampered by his... uh, "stature". Of course in this alternate universe he'd be severely hampered, but hey, at least he'd get a Flamethrower attached to his arm to use the excess Fusion energy on. I might just draw Pyro!Fusion sometime, after I finish the FNAF rendition.

EDIT: After looking at the "Meet the Pyro" Video, I have a good feeling that most of the characters WOULD fear Fusion as the Pyro. Completely unintentional thinking on my part. I'm P. sure that Fusion wouldn't be wearing that mask aside from the breathing apparatus, so that he doesn't breathe in the fumes of his burning path. He'd go pyromaniac still, though.
Give her an animatronic screech for me.

Also I'm relatively the only one with an actual MASK. And granted I'd probably go super psycho with a flamethrower...

But I'd be responsible, for the Red Team! (Mainly because I dun wanna get stabbed or sniped by Fiora)

Come t'think of it, It's relatively a bad way either way. It's either get horrifically doctored by Baby Seera, or get brutally murdered by Fiora.

...I'm feeling doctored's the better choice.
@XxVanitasXx: Either that or nobody's set it off, yet.

You DID see that MDG's plotting in the distance.

Ergo, sometime in the near/far future there'll be an update from her.
Petition to make Fusion Kirby Pyro?
@greenpowerstar: I know Prez has one, but your Luma might be able to fit! He might take a place like Chica's Cupcake.
@Fiora Aroura: I wish I had GMod then I'd play. I'd probably be scared out of my mind since Jumpscares are not my thing.

@greenpowerstar: Sure thing! I think I have room for two more if you're willing to be scrunched together. Gimme a link to Sonic-Like Characters of yours that would fit most and I'll get right on it.
@Fiora Aroura: Weeeeeell, I just added him. Serves as a nice surprise, right?

I'll also be making full-bodies of the Animatronics, if you wanted to use yours for future projects and such.
Alright, I still have room for at least one more Animatronic! I have five already (three being my own), One of Fiora, one of Bruce, and Riskfan is the Nightguard.

If you want to have a place in this piece before I take it for another one of my robo-characters, please tell me!

So far, it's:
Fusion Kirby (Super Form) The Fusion Chaos

Fiora the Cat

ClockBox the Clockwork (Mine)

Grim Creeper the Robo-Snake (Mine)

Riskfan the Nightguard

Bruce the Pirate Hedgehound

All at Fusion Kirby's Pizza! (Since I'm the creator of the piece of course I'm gonna take the name of the restaurant)
More like Spooky Scary Animatronic.
That'd be fine, however I need a refresher as to who your character is here.
@Fiora Aroura: Perfect! Would you rather be a scary animatronic, or the night guard? that has to deal with all four animatronics?
Goddammit Blaze fits perfect at Pyro.

Anyway, I wanna make an FNAF-Themed pic for AoR, and I wanna have four other peeps be part of it, one to be a nightguard, and three others to be animatronics. Please gimme a shout if you want part of it!