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Just a quick bit
Want to find me online?
Xbox Live: Skwee Man
PSN:TheSoquiMan (I made a couple years before i found out i would be called Skwee Man, don't ask how to pronouce Soqui.)
Steam: cyonas (to add me, random fantasy generator ftw!)
I will usually be Skwee Man but don't be afraid when suddenly Billy Mays is your friend.

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    Jacob Soqui
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I can say things too.
I still play games.
I'm currently writing for a project my friend is making. Won't be out for quite some time. Here's a teaser pic I guess? sgo1_500.png

I'm in the same lurker boat as Shad/Untitled with this site.

Just read some comics on here, not much else.

Uhhh, let's see. To keep up with me? I guess. Not like I put anything original up there. It's not even fancy.

I myself would love to keep working on this in some way in the future. It would be quite sometime though. Not even the foreseeable future. I would of course need to do some writing. Have permission to use a few characters and get my usual art buddy to help. Again, not anytime soon since it seems we're all busy.

I too have a Wii U now. That's important I guess.

I put a signature here right? Right.

I'm going to be another vote for X.
altering TF2 quotes are we Rex?

Still a good story, I'll be sure to tell my kids that someday.
It's cause they're still WIP

I don't know if this means if won't use them or not but that's what everyone thinks, so no one is going to request them until they're done.
I ship JakeXBugsy.
@CarnageRulez312: Man, I really should just make it a dumb one. OH MAN I WOULD LUV RAIYU VS KEN MASTERS MY GOD THE FIGHT WOULD BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.

nah, but Solid Snake vs The Punisher should be a good match that could be short.

that or Gambit vs Angel.....I dont know, I want a KoF character in there somewhere.
R. Mika
M. Bison
Megaman X

then Raiden is all SNK so he doesn't count.

I'll come up with a fight in a bit, if I'm correct.
1st panel
I saw that, and instantly went.
......I hate you both......
Took me a second.
"OH SHE'S THE NEW ZELDA! That's it!"
I would love to have a pirate for a teacher, even if it was in physics!
really? battle scenes are like, the only thing I like making anymore.
Lucas just likes speaking his mind guys......for better of for worse BUT STILL he's at least nothing but honest!
Donovan just got booted up to being my favorite for not only being awesome enough to go up to a witch and having a conversation with her, but also for actually having a non-one sided conversation with her.
@Shard: Obviously he hit puberty early and is the hottest 8 year old you'll ever meet.
I say keep it a mix, sprite some, draw some, sprite and draw some, whatever works.
Wow, that was one magical rainbow, to bad it dosen't taste good.

*shot for skittles commercial refrencing*
I STILL don't know who Darkrina is. Darkrina, y u so obscure?

Also, Shadow, I see your inner brony through this picture.
Out of all of them? I want Cassandra to be awesome, I haven't really seen to many good Ariodo's (or however the hell their spelled).