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loves to read and dance
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September 16th, 2013
well, i'd say keep it the same quality as you've been doing so far. If maybe one day you send this out on store shelves, you won't have to remake a lot of the pages since you changed the make of it! Besides I think you might find it more rewarding to be able to finish something through consistency :)
bah!!! XD love this continuing conversation!! I just adore the whole 'outlander' experience nilus is, well, experiencing XD it's just too precious! Thank you for being consistent! kudos for your hard work we all really appreciate this! :3
that pose XD i pictured kratos in a pizza delivery uniform and now i can't get it out of my head. I expect him to say something about "I'm just delivering my order, to your face!" or some kind of atrocious pun about pizza delivery and fighting XD
And by Nike she means herself! I can see bia being that kind of person :3

But don't die zelus!!! D:
Nice!!! *jumps up and down for joy* it was zeus!!! :3
OMG! I see it now! The identical tuft of hair on melody and summer! makes sense XD
what does this mean?! *so excited for the next page* is it a person, thing, or idk XD
March 24th, 2013
ohnoes! run hades run!!! XD
how enlightening! i always kind-of wondered ^^; but how sweet!! <3 mother's love :3
LOL hilarious comment!! and great job Zelda!!! I love Kratos!! :3
well if you think of the habenaro pepper? eating that really will make your lips swell, i think in drawings swelling is exaggerated but yeah it does happen :)
March 12th, 2012
it's ok
@meago: hey def totes don't worry i'll keep you in my favs for as long as i live!!! haha but i hope the best for you in raising money for you bone surgery sounds rough and i'm sure you can do it!!
Sorry I just have to say it since it's from the office... THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!! ok done :)
So flippin' adorable!!!! Oh my gosh super fan girl spazam!!! Love this page so much!!!!!
Libraries are de bomb!!! Love them :) I bet he's got one like the one in beauty and the beast's castle *daydreams*
Lol you make her loil so pretty!!! Goodjob!! :3
Aw she looks so cute!!! Good job on that panel :)
Bwahahaha I agree!!! Simon was awesome!! Would tap that if I was his age XD i kid I kid but really he looks great!!! They all do :3
Is it just me or did they both get hotter?!?!? Like for shiz I'm almost expecting something bl to come out of this >.> jk but still drool worthy... I think so!!!!
Awkward man hug?!?! I think so XD lawlz awesome page, I wish I could keep Jimmy for myself >.>