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It's mee... yay. Eighth grade comic noob.

I need to draw my own avater -.-

Fanfiction: CrissyPalXD

FictionPress: TheElusiveMissTurrey (I think...)

I also need to stop making my usernames best on my friends names D:
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I usually don't leave comments, too lazy, but I love this page! I actually smiled when he bowed, and your hands are absoloutely beautiful. Your art has really improved from when I first started reading (not that it wasn't good to begin with)
When this comic gets turned into a video game (I KNOW IT WILL) this will be a cool level. "Pick thirty orange mushrooms before Astir does! Try not to get too close or he'll kick you in the balls!"
I love the girly warrior's new hair/eye color! (in this picture and new banner) They were both bluish before but now it's blackish grey
Oh! I've been on that ride it's called the vomitron!.. I think..., DICK.
Holeh fack mellos about to kick nears albino ass
OMg I laughed so effin hard and also felt scared shitliss because I think pumpkins are supercreepy especially when they're craved with huge smiles.. The look like chopped of head that have had their insides plucked out!
Baaad doggeh BAAAAAD
I'm... laughing so efin hard.. since page 5!
I think I might dieeeee
ERICCCCC!!!!! My lovely big boned poopykinzz~!
....Sounds a lot like MY mom.
You probably used her as a reference =_=
She is sooo cute it makes me giggle...
Oooh I just realized this was all about their pooweers (slow)
Ahaha! I couldn't stop giggling, but Atti's move deserves a B'AWWWWWW! ;A;
I'm so confuzzled. I could have sworn this wa put up less then thirty minutes ago and the comments say posted 7:30am and my clok says 1:45am
La'akea X Toshio and Ehukai X Keani because it's less cliche and the fans demand It!
January 15th, 2011
"Uh, dude. I don't know if you noticed, but your face just melted off." It must be from that tiny russian boy's adorableness.
For a second I thought she had that look on her face because she was watching them flirt... btw that was so cute bt I really wish Simon would reconsider their marraige thatpitiful look sergio has makes me heart sad faced
Lol on the page where he said "that man is married" I seriously thought he was thinking "yes he's married to Me! But I can tell Mika because I wantto have an affair with Mika and make rockstar man babiees with him *muah muah mwa!*