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I love mangoes but I developed an allergy to fresh ones a couple years ago. But dried mangoes here I come. ;D
I love how you draw her hair and the pigeon. Takes talent to draw those suckers.

And yeah for being the better artist than your creation!
I love them
They should be a couple or something cause the comedy that would arise would leave me gasping for breath. xD Thank you for sharing your humor with us.
This page is so epic. I love it and the art is gorgeous. Please keep the funniness going.
Tis Creepy o.o
He kind of reminds me of a pervert in this page specially with the little arrow pointing to his hand. xD

But I'm glad you're back. ^^
I love how Faris looks. He's hawt xD
That is hilarious xD And I vote School Uniforms xDDD