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If your eyes are bleeding, its a normal reaction.
Amy is my favorite sonic character ;___;
At least she's trying, i'll give her credit. Trying to catch the fastest thing alive.
This is not weird at all.
He died the end.
There the order is back. ;___;
Oops, a little page mess up. It should be normal soon.
Bob saget.
If Sonic 2 was remade into a half assed fan comic, I would kill myself ;________;
So far this is awesome, I like Poke'mon comics, so I do appericiate some originality when it comes to Poke'mon.
Hell yeah! A awesome comic idea you guys, how freaking original. TT-TT
She... Can't have mah Babies... i am afraid she'll rape 'em ._.
April 5th, 2010
Cliff hanger, just great.
What ever happend to "Gotta catch 'em all"?
I'd like to help you also, but I don't have a Ds, or Soul silver or Nintendo Wifi or a house, or a girlfriend, or friends*shot* lol jk just in case you didntnoticeeeeeee you lil racsileeeeerwerewerwergtkgwnidlasbgketrge i JUST DON'T HAVE wIFI