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Chikage Godo
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I haven't been to SJ for a while and I'm so glad you have an update <3
CONGRATULATIONS DEAR!!!! my goodness, both of you look so beautiful ; ^ ; This picture made my day
I definitely see some change in your style! :D can't wait
oh sheeet his face looks so creepy o_____o;
AAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEHEHHHHHHH SO CUTTEEEE congratulations!! hahaha, this page made me squeal like usual
this makes me feel so much better ;v;
I wish you the best of luck!!! Go for your dreams, never give up!! >0<
YAAAYYYY new update and congrats!!
i love your toning <333 *glomps on the prettiness of pages*
and i agree with Kano, i think the hand is a bit big too xD
I wuv everything about this page!! ;v; okie that's all~~
OMGGGGGG yes i'm so happy you updated! i love the new style you use!!
why were you standing like that i wonder? XDDD
its really really pretty! ^o^ i love the lighting~ and Yume looks gorgeous. can't wait to read the first chapter!
yay happy anniversary!!~~~~~
yaay update! her transformation looks really nice~
yaay update! <3 its so cute how Jacob's so shy about it !
Chikage Godo
November 13th, 2011
meh, i hate them college apps D: i'm working on them too~~~ good luck with them, and hopefully you can get to update soon!
i love you two <33333 i will continue to support you until Feb. 14, 2108, and we're all going to be prickly and grey haired A v A