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Eeeeeeeeeeeh, I'm a college drop-out and currently jobless. D: epic fail at life on my end of things.

The comics:
TOMEC is... a personal joke between little-bunny and myself. Readers beware, It's half-assed and on hiatus until Bunny and I get together over tea or something and work on it

[Next Comic Here] I actually have two other comics I'm working on right now, but ...

But I'm really lazy and haven't inked and scanned the 4-5 pages 'finished' pages for 'Cats-Out' that I drew ages ago.
And 'Hoax' is my baby; I want it to look nice and have plenty pages finished before I post.
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Why do I bother? LOL
What do you do when you're having those "art block & can't draw nuthin" moments?

Draw a pointless comic and Time Skip!

. . . we also swapped hair tones.
I say lets pack Bo and AK into a suitcase and roadtrip to Scottland. xD
Glad you're enjoying it so far. xD
Little kids are funny..
in a scary innocent way sometimes.
Like having one play "house" under your bed while you sit on it doing homework and they decide that lighting a candle is the best solution to the minimal light under said bed. @_x
Read --->--->--->
Hurhurhur, Actual 1/2 decent page. :3
Huzzah! Kitties. =]
That comment made me want to finish the page I was working on last. (^ 3^)
But if I do that now, I'll never get my report done before class starts. (TT ^TT)<3
Lawl @ Title
Just thought I should go ahead and post it.
Yay for old art postage. >>;;;
Okay, a little treat for anyone out there still staring at this trainwreck of a collab comic and going "WTH" haha.

So I was flipping through my notebook, and behold! Random art of the main characters.
..... So I post xD;;
Now I leave it up to Bunny to post her set and we'll call it a week. xD;;
And theeeeeeen . . .
My artwork takes a plunge. xDD

Yeah, never too pleased with what I do. o-o;;
I'm going to add the first few pages some time tonight or tomorrow. I still have to edit the next one so that the text is readable ^^;;
So this is the "Cover"

Mixed media, mostly watercolor and colorpencil. Though most of the rest of the pages will be in black and white.

I'm disappointed in how this scanned and parts of it were cut off due to the painting being too larege. ;A; it looks soo much nicer in person.
Thank you so much. xD <3