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I like to draw, write stories, play video games and use my imagination. And I love my girlfriend, who keeps my spirits up in times of bleh!!! Love you my baby :3

Updates Sunday or when ever a page has been completed.
Enjoy everyone X3.

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    Danny B.
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I will never draw Duke Nukem again 8(
We all live in a Mancave in someones basement :3
I killed a purple pen TT^TT.

Happy Easter from Left at Random
Reallly Really late, but here it is :D
think the page explains itself
Just ignore it, it will go away eventually....

Guess what this poltergeist it's off of.
Enjoy :)
Sorry for the long absence.. lets start this new year with a comic. Ahhhh Yeahhh!! HAve been working on new styles... and Russia got a new hair cut, which i helped bleach :D !!! Enjoy The Randomness!!!!!
i honestly don't know what England is doing with his arm....
here is that bonus picture i promised. Colored version will be uploaded later. Rock on man rock on
Now introducing Micki Jupiter!!!
How Norway's hair is suppose to look like. And Canada with a bit more detail :) Enjoy
Two new Characters, Panel 5 is KittyMichy (she knows who she is) and the other in my darling Paramore136. Names are currently are still being decided along with another character for a friend Matt (who i am still designing). Enjoy!! Left at Random is slowly growing....about time!!!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
Tag your it!!!
plot twist!!!!
Hunter Rave!!!!
England for the win!!!