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dediles step away from my old middle school shit istg
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Well seem we were right about Clarissa being insecure. I glad we're getting to see her vulnerabilities
I'ma get psycho-analytical here.

I get where Clarissa is coming from, I think most of us do. But for someone who claims to be beyond the people who hurt her in high school, she sure seems to be fixated on those people and how she was hurt in her past. I feel like she lets the pain and resentment of her past inform a lot of her nastier decisions, and uses her own pain and desire to be superior to justify a lot of shitty, occasionally manipulative behavior. I know a lot of us might end up behaving in the same way if we had gone through what she did, although probably in less overt ways...

She's not wrong about Claire or herself being better than the bullies they both faced, and that they're both intelligent, natural leaders that have a right to be confident. But I get the impression that Clarissa's got issues and her success has sort of given her a bit of a power trip.

And she clearly wants to give Claire some closure on the pain they've gone through. But the Claire she sees now isn't the same Claire she remembers herself being. That Claire only exists in her memories; the one in front of her has already grown and diverged from the Claire that Clarissa was: by being in this competition, taking charge, and slowly coming into her own in small ways, as well as through simply existing in the same space as her older self. (And the closure she wants to give is clearly intended more for herself and less for Claire; Claire just so happens to be kind of the perfect proxy for the timid nerdy girl Clarissa once was... since she's literally that person except for the experiences in this competition).

Clarissa probably isn't able to fully realize this fact since she's hardcore projecting onto her time-displaced younger self (granted, it's clear that any future self can't help but project on any past self... or the reverse, at least in Deimos's case; it's sort of impossible to NOT project on ANY alternate version of yourself).

The presence of the two Claires makes for an interesting take on the "abused nerd turned successful megalomaniac" archetype. And I'm excited to see where Clarissa and Claire will continue to diverge as the story continues.
And in eight years, all joy has been drained from his soul.

Funny cause when it comes to school-like institutions, it usually takes half that time.
So does this mean you beat Off?
What if she needs to pee?
Oh boy does this mean Tapioca's real personality is finally going to arise?

Yeah, I'm not buying it either.
Hah, remember when I wouldn't stop posting that one Homestuck mastersheet of MM7 styled Homestuck sprites?
@Vilecheese: You never know, she could turn out to be a parody sue.
@Da Tico: i made that offended and i am avatar
She's not going anywhere, but is she going to go out with Everywhere???

Aaaaaand it's Jirachi.
Lotad is not amused.

That IS a Lotad right?
Aww, what a cute little devil(grand)child.
It's more of a salmon.
STUPID RAT! You make me look bad!
Placing my bets that Bowser's jury costume will be him as Drybones Bowser.
*breathes heavily*
If anything, Alienoid and DJ are just going to make Brainfart sprites now.
@The_mad_one: You might want to reexamine those recent Homestuck pages then...
The Question: Question Duck. You saw an opportunity and took it.