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dediles step away from my old middle school shit istg
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And in eight years, all joy has been drained from his soul.

Funny cause when it comes to school-like institutions, it usually takes half that time.
So does this mean you beat Off?
What if she needs to pee?
Oh boy does this mean Tapioca's real personality is finally going to arise?

Yeah, I'm not buying it either.
Hah, remember when I wouldn't stop posting that one Homestuck mastersheet of MM7 styled Homestuck sprites?
@Vilecheese: You never know, she could turn out to be a parody sue.
@Da Tico: i made that offended and i am avatar
She's not going anywhere, but is she going to go out with Everywhere???

Aaaaaand it's Jirachi.
Lotad is not amused.

That IS a Lotad right?
Aww, what a cute little devil(grand)child.
It's more of a salmon.
STUPID RAT! You make me look bad!
Placing my bets that Bowser's jury costume will be him as Drybones Bowser.
*breathes heavily*
If anything, Alienoid and DJ are just going to make Brainfart sprites now.
@The_mad_one: You might want to reexamine those recent Homestuck pages then...
The Question: Question Duck. You saw an opportunity and took it.
I have only one problem with this revelation. One standing stigma with your admired admission; one altercation to your confession.

What the fuck are we going to do with your name now?! TOTALLY MISLEADING.

But seriously though you rock for coming out and being honest to not only us but yourself. Takes really power to do that. You have my sincerest respect and the respect of others for that. And the repeating comments that it shouldn't matter since it doesn't change -you-. You have a mixed chorus of outstanding appraisal and varyingly meaningful notes of "we dun care, we still luv u", amoung other out-of-pitch messages that fit in somewhere(cause I honestly couldn't be bothered to read all the comments) that mix into a fuck awful rendition of "Fuck Yeah", originally performed in Shaq Fu the musical.

Once again, congrats on being true to yourself.

EDIT: inb4 i found out you got a new account
When Dave tries to be scary.